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Hey everyone and welcome to my channel. Please join me in my Gaming and vlogs vids. Disclaimer: I do not own any music or Content that I play. All rights go to the designers and producers.Here is where all the magic happens. I’m a Gamer Girl that is looking to beat as many games as I can.When it comes to gaming I am very serious about it. Where am from is in Canada. I have never been outside Canada never want over the USA, maybe one day. I have been on youtube for a very long time, I have a different channel but I can’t get on it. It has been my lifetime dream to make videos for you all to enjoy. My videos will be about my gaming and my experience through my eyes. Also just my day to day things or Un-boxing, Game Play and Me Vlogging.If you have any questions you can DM me on twitter @ZeckriDGreen69 Leave a like or comment. This is a really great way to start off 2018. Thank you all so much I really couldn’t make this dream come true without you.