What Is Wolf Gaming: Thinking Big

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What Is Wolf Gaming: Thinking Big

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What started as a small streaming collective has rapidly grown into far more than what anyone had previously imagined. Wolf Gaming US, a northeastern based streaming and gaming collective, is pushing the envelope with every venture they embark upon. Bringing to the table a lively bout of competition as well as its unique roster of streamers, Wolf Gaming definitely has longevity to it.

As the fun fueled, game-focused team progresses in the scene, they have always seemed to come up with something new and fresh.

Who is Wolf Gaming?
The Wolf Gaming team is a group of individuals that has pooled their talents of design, digital marketing, PR, gaming skills and so much more into a collective space that inhibits creativity and innovation.

Coming out with refreshing content such as their weekly WolfPod podcast as well as their action packed montages, we always find ourselves wanting more.

Making the waves, not riding them

What emanates with us about this young organization is that they’re never trying to recreate the wheel. Everything they do has their own personal flare to it that keeps the viewers wondering what’s next. Their active Twitter presence over at @WolfGamingUS has proven to be its kicker for bringing in new fans as well as many of the dedicated team members that are involved in the massive endeavor. We hope to see more out of this organization and are excited to follow their journey as they venture into the eSports realm!