Waves of the Atlantide

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About Waves of the Atlantide

Game modes

Play versus NON cheating AI (no free units or resources, no extra vision)(offline).
Battle versus players (up to 5 players – way more in the future)(online).
Mix them, AI + Players in the same game (online).

Procedurally and balanced generated maps: Luck can’t help you !

Our Video Review

Economic & Technological choices make every games different.
Adapt your strategy to your enemies and to your geographical position.
Gather experience every games and choose your battles wisely.

Explore the world

Find where the ocean and your opponents are to choose where to expand and settle.

Expand your territory

World is crumbling, expand fast or let your people be doomed by the ocean.

Build up your economy

During centuries of peace, military strength wasn’t a concern to your people, it is now. You have little time and enormous needs so act as fast as you can.

Research technologies

The intellect of your people seems limited only by the amount of resources you’re willing to throw at them. Could it be the key to your success ?

Develop an army

You are no longer safe, you will need troops ASAP to send throughout the world to explore, expand and wage war.

Defeat your opponents

It is their fault the world is dying for overusing its resources, put an end to their madness to try and save what remains.

Survive the ocean

Respect nature, and nature shall not crumble the land under your feet too fast (maybe)


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