Victum Terra

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Victum Terra is a sidescroller roguelike rpg game with a large randomly generated world, while playing Victum Terra you’ll be gathering resources by mining, digging, chopping, discovering crafting recipes, exploring the world to find npcs as well as many hidden places, npcs will give quests ect, all while trying to uncover the cause of a recent event which I won’t spoil yet.

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Contact info:
I can be found on Twitter;
In the future I’ll have a website and forums for Victum Terra

Contact info:

I can be found on Twitter;
I can be found on the Victum Terra forums, head to and click forums
I can be found on discord;
I can be emailed at:



I don’t quite have a road map per se, just a bunch of things I intend on adding, like player customization, ability to see equipped items on your character, multiplayer via LAN, and local server hosting where anyone can connect as well as through steam once I get that far…


The development team consists of just Phynx , Brandon jansma.

I’ve been working on Victum Terra in my free time for a little over 2 years