Verak Dragora

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Verak Dragora

TWITTER: @Hybrid210Gaming

   Well I’ve been gaming since I was a kid, first started out with the Sega Megadrive/Genesis, my go to games were Sonic 2, The Lion King, Mercs, Taz: Escape from Mars and Altered Beast.

I first created my Youtube account around 2006, made a couple of videos on Halo 1, then just used the account to favourite videos I liked/enjoyed.

Wasn’t until 2010 did I start back up, at first it was having a laugh with friends to making let’s plays, then experimenting with other things, eventually I was dishing out 2 vids daily.

It was great at first but it eventually took its toll and I put out a vote to my twitter what people wanted me to do.

Vote passed in favour of better content, so I stuck to uploading when I had something, even tried my hand at a couple of reviews.

Yet nothing was working out, 107 subs and not even a single view on half my content.

Eventually I restarted my channel with the support of my brother, rl and twitter friends and here I am.

Anyway the point of my story is if you’re in it to have fun then that should be your focus and not views and recognition like I was initially in it for.

That’s what my channel and content is all about, having fun, I like to keep my videos as raw as possible but a lot of sound editing goes into it, so I’m not as lazy as I used to be, haha.

I don’t care for which is the better platform, If it has games I want on it I’ll get it, there are some consoles I prefer over others but everyone’s entitled to their own opinions.

Anyway, if you’ve read through all this then thanks very much for taking the time to read it all, if you’re just here to see some of my content, again, thanks for taking the time to check it out.

And if you just popped in to take a look at my page, I still thank you.

Big thanks to Razors Edge for this site and taking the time to support everyone, myself included.”

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