Urath Ages

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Why am I showing you this?   To prove a point.  After leaving a major publisher three of us setout to write our own MMO.  We had about 200 followers, but with no media coverage, 150k invested up front, and I had just sent out 100 NDA’s to beta test our 70% completed project (mind you World of Warcraft had also been promoting their game at the time and had just released).  We thought we had a better project, more quests, and systems, and could dominate the market with our game.

What happen?

The coder fell in marital crisis and his wife took his kids and left him.  We contacted several coders just to find out the code was not commented (meaning nothing was documented in the source code) and the lowest bid to fix and continue the project was going to be around 23k; we were flat broke at this point.

The project was abandon, we had no backup plan.  I had a second mortgage on my house so I lost the house and consequently my wife left me at the time, as well.   All that’s left of this game is this video and the source code on a old HD somewhere in the basement.

I started a new career after I got over my depression, and worked my way up in a new field.    I kept in contact with many developers, and 3D art designers over the years, most of them have left the business as well.

Where am I going with this?

I have spent the last five months working with developers to not make the same mistakes we did.   Though we didn’t have access to 1/4 of the resources available to developers now with marketing, crowd sourcing, and Early Access programs on Steam we could have done things a lot different.  I’ve I knew half of what I’ve learned in 5 months this would have been a huge success, and I kick myself in the butt everyday for not finishing it.

Every time I see a developer making the same mistakes I made I feel the same pain all over again.   I do my best to help as much as I can with this site, researching articles, and making contacts with PR and professional crowd sources but I can only help so many Indie teams.   This is why I support indie developers, because if they’re successful then I’m successful.

A game is like your child.   When you give up on the child you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

If you want my help and are willing to listen to the people I’ve come to trust, I would love to help you no matter what stage your project is at.   The earlier the better, but its never to late.  The contact page has my contact info and Id be glad to help.   I do this in my spare time away from my family and they support me 100%.