Unearned Bounty

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Game Description



Unearned Bounty is an over the top Pirate Ship Arena Combat Game where you battle to become the most infamous Pirate on the high seas.

As captain of your own vessel, you need to use skill, wit, and the occasional flamethrower to outmaneuver and outplay other pirates.

A multiplayer online 3rd person vehicular battle arena combat game that nods to Twisted Metal, Halo, and League of Legends with a pirate-y and stylistic art theme.

Core gameplay implements intuitive mechanics and arcade-style combat based on broadside cannon naval warfare with a light touch of fantasy added to the mix.

Future updates to include more boats, maps, and modes to make Unearned Bounty bigger and better.

Key Feature Points (part 1)
– Wrapping Map System: Pirates know no bounds! Sail indefinitely and you’ll always be close to the action Pac-Man style without being pushed up against the edge or scalawags hiding in a corner.
If an opponent is sailing in the distance to the East, sailing West you can travel towards them head on!

– Broadside Combat: Fire the cannons! Ships are equipped with port and starboard cannons that reload independently. Master the use of predictive aiming, dodging incoming fire, as well as turning to alternate cannons.

– Mid-Match Upgrades: Start fresh each match. Collect gold from sinking other pirates, completing challenges, or raiding trade ships to upgrade your ship to gain an edge against your opponents. Each death sets you back an upgrade.

Key Features Points (part 2)
– Infamy mode: Infamy serves as an indicator of the match leader and a system to encourage daring play. Infamy is rewarded for killing the most dangerous opponents while discouraging attacking weaker players who are the bottom rank in the match.
This Free-For-All game mode will be one of many, including several team modes.

– Bots: practice or include in a match with friends. We hope to expand on more PVE content in the future with deadly sea monsters!

– Abilities: Each ship is equipped with its own active and passive abilities to encourage different play styles and provide unique confrontations. Ramming speed, Flamethrowers, Poison Gas, Explosive barrels to name a few.

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