Two Ugly Gamers

author image by Jim | Media | 1 Comment | 12 Jan 2018
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Two ugly gamers Evilpingu77 and HardFreak
We are Evilpingu (me) and Hardfreak.

We have been gaming together for a year , maybe 2 years , it goes fast when you make a good friend on gaming sites like a pen pal .

We came up with doing our own YouTube channel.

We play Xbox and pc platform ,we love co op games we do like single player games as well because when you are on your own you got to play on your own .

The type of games we both enjoy are sandbox, RPG, open world, crafting, FPS, Turn based and I like point click as well as a good story in the game that grips us is always good .

Where we can help you is get your game seen by a small audience but as you know as been an indie developer you all want the chance to been seen growing slowly and learning to get ourselves better so help us help you so you get your game shown and help you with problems you might not see your self. We are fun and wacky people and just ourselves .

We are us ,so love us or hate us, its like marmite , I love it .

So come and see the channel and any help we can give we will .

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