Tower of Time

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Event Horizon Ltd. is an independent game studio. We are currently working on our debut title,; an RPG with real-time Combat (with advanced algorithm-steered enemies) and a rich and engaging story.

Our ambition is to create a game that stands out from other indie RPG games through the quality of graphics, focus on an engaging and unique story, attention to detail, and few innovative solutions when it comes to game mechanics. Most notably, we developed a new class progression system and tactical real time combat with slow-time mode, where understanding the differences and synergies between the classes and their customization is necessary to overcome the challenges encountered in the Tower. Enemies can surround you, target your weakest champions and position themselves at tactically-optimal locations.

We are a fully independent and fully self-funded studio, without any publisher behind us. Wish us luck

 Game Features


  • Story-driven RPG with new and challenging combat system
  • 40h game-play time
  • Deep and engaging story, told via animated illustrations with voice-over
  • Unique lore – as you progress, discover the history of the Ancients


  • Handcrafted levels with 4 graphical themes
  • Each level has its own lore/history
  • Quests, secrets and puzzles
  • 11 tower levels


  • Tactical real time combat
  • Over 100 enemies, each with their own skills
  • Algorithm-steered enemies – acting realistically
  • Slow-time, for re-positioning, reassignment of commands and chain skill casting
  • OR Pause the game, taking all the time you need
  • Ability to influence terrain in combat for tactical gain
  • Advanced combat mechanics: buffs, debuffs, statuses (stunned, dazed, etc.), summons
  • Battle statistics – clearly explained how each of your champion performs in battle
  • Elite enemies (Bosses) – different encounter mechanics
  • Combat Challenges for unique rewards

Classes and Skills

  • 7 diverse champion classes
  • New class progression system
  • Multiple class build options (no single best build for any class)
  • 8 upgrade-able skills per class with booster options (changing the nature of the skill)
  • No experience – leveling based on ancient knowledge found and building upgrade


  • Random loot generation
  • Rich equipment system
  • Streamlined crafting system
  • Innovative enchanting system
  • Many melee and range weapon types
  • Dual-wielding with melee and magic range weapons
  • 5 major tiers of items
  • 5 categories of items (basic, magic, ancient, relic)
  • Unique Legendary items


  • City as main progression hub
  • Buildings upgraded as new knowledge is recovered

Event Horizon Ltd.
Based in Gdynia, Poland

May 2016


Tower of Time RPG

Sportowa 8
81-300 Gdynia

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    Apr 29, 2018 @ 14:33 pm

    Dear Players

    This patch brings a lot of quality improvements requested by you as well as several balancing changes and bug fixes. The list is very long so apologies for a wall of text that follows.

    We will appreciate your reviews on Steam and metacritic. It seems our game somehow is received as too hardcore and that scares a lot of people away. We have several difficulty settings, so it is accessible to anyone – if you come just for the story have no fear.

    Please help us spread the word about the game.

    New Features
    New steam cards, backgrounds, emoticons and badges.

    Minimap. You can turn it off and on with ‘N’ or by pressing compass icon.

    Buff icons in combat that show the remaining time of the buff above skill tab.

    Pre-battle movement – initial positioning is very important when it comes to threat. Now you can move the champions within limited area.

    New enchanting icons. Not the most important update – but they look nicer now.

    When your champions are immobilized, there is an icon on character portrait (similar to when they are trapped).
    Hotkey “T” to change champion stances betwen Stand Ground and Move and Attack.
    Two new high-end practise dummies that simulate end-game bosses.
    Added achievements for epic – win 5 battles on epic for each floor.

    Gameplay fixes and changes

    Issue with low cinematic sound on some configurations should be fixed now.
    100% Progress fixed – mostly The battles that count towards progress are show on the map.

    (if it happens that you don’t see all progress bars, please enter this level and exit it.)
    Graphic improvements to both introduction levels.
    Journals necessary for quests are now more visible.

    Bestiary not showing up sometimes has been fixed.
    Bestiary now opens on the current tower floor.

    Frogs jumps up and down in merriment. Consider this if you want to The most critical update that will help us to get more attention.
    Lots of typos and syntax errors corrected (we are getting there).
    Lots of new SFX added in exploration and combat.
    Aura skills – visual upgrade.
    Item Forge – health regeneration upgrade – increased from 0.3 to 0.5/
    Some Unique Items (especially from Challenges) are upgraded – so they can be a competitive option for Item Forged Green items.


    We spent a lot of time on improving combat and balancing the game based on tons of feedback and lots of end-game parties. Some of the “crazy” builds took us by surprise 🙂

    Most important is a set of changes to animations, pathing and enemy behavior that should make everything much more responsive and smooth.

    Also, we did some rebalancing – especially to champion’s skills and mid-game floors (5-7) that were too easy.

    Magic Penetration decreased slightly on higher end items.
    Armor Penetration – increased across all weapons / tiers.
    Physical-based party should be again viable on Hard and Epic.

    Fights on the first floor have an easier learning curve now. You don’t have too many options yet to customize your party and you made a valid point. If you find some of them too easy now – please adjust your difficulty as needed. Level 2 is unchanged.

    There are close to 300 individual changes made, so I will list only the most important ones below.

    Mech companion has been buffed somewhat. He has a speed aura and can temporarily stun enemies around him. He remains the team mascot, but at least he does some confusion on the battlefield now. That is a small compensation that he just charges at closest portal without asking anyone.


    Stone wall – mana cost reduced to flat 20 for each level, duration set at flat 16 seconds at each level [with max cd reduction the uptime on the wall is now 80%]

    Arrow Barrage – damage per arrow increased, at max level from 50 to 70
    Bear Traps – bleeding damage increased, at max level from 10 to 15 dmg per second.
    Rain of Arrows – damage per arrow increased, at max level from 40 to 48

    Earth Fury – damage per stone increased, at max level from 100 to 140. B2 poison damage increased, at max level from 9 to 12.


    The new theme at Event Horizon is “Love Thy Dwarf”
    Rakhem – Base Health increased from 160 to 180. Health per level increased from 18 to 20.
    Inner Fire – an upgrade for both B1 (tanking path) and significant upgrade for B2 (damage path) – so there is a more clear risk/reward for different playstyles.
    Path of Flames – increased length at all levels, B2 extended burning duration
    Blinding Flash – B2 now deals Air damage too.

    Health per level increased from 20 to 22.
    Cleave – reduced cleave% by 10% for each level
    Axe Throw – increased damage per axe. For B2 – reduced weakness to 30% at each level

    Thunder Injection – reduced elemental weakness slightly at each level, at max level from 18% to 12% (dual wielding was too strong at higher levels / it still applies 2x debuff for dual wield)
    Elemental Barrage – no of base projectiles 5 to 4, Damage per projectile base – slight reduction. For B2 – increased Void dmg component – so B1 and B2 are now competitive. Overall – at max level the effective damage of this skill is reduced by approximately 20%. It is still very overpowered.
    Magic Tower — B1 now deals splash damage of Base damage at the same speed


    We made few interesing changes to Kaela as she was too difficult to master yet too overpowered when did so.
    Electric Cage – B1 – damage per second increase at all levels, at max from 20 to 24 Air dmg per second. B2 – Weakness reduced across all levels – at max level from 60% to 40% (it is a very long duration skill and it was too easy to stack with other skills for 100% weakness).
    Summon Mech – variable duration increased from 20-40 to 20-60 seconds. Number of mechs increased. At max level she can now create up to 12 mechs. (insane, yes – but it is so fun skill)
    Elemental Grenade name changed to Void Grenade. Explosion radius reduced from 5m to 4m. At B1 – resistance reduction decreased, at max level from 100% to 80%
    Tesla Cannon – as it is high risk / reward skill (requiring positioning), its damage output has been increased significantly. With B2 boost, at max level damage increased from 400 to 600
    Titan – a massive boost to everything. Now this is truly an ultimate ability.

    Added new type of skill – magic reflect (similar to physical reflect) – some enemies on floors 5-7 received this upgrade, tired of being shredded by Whisper’s Elemental Barrage.
    Shade – was too easy, Voidspawns now should be more than a nuisance (new skills added)
    Titan Boss – major overhaul – he is no longer just a target dummy
    Floors 5-7 – enemies and combat encounters rebalanced as they were too easy. That includes their statistics, damage output and skills. Now there should no longer be such a difficulty spike between 7 and 8 – as you will need to take care of your party always.
    Both Exo-ME 10 and Exo-RA560 bosses – rebalanced to offer better challenge.
    Warleader – throws 2 axes and now and the skill description is clear for axes and his leap. He should be much easier to deal with now.
    Tower Avatar – health increased
    Francisco Pizzaro – his skills are more dangerous now
    Ferdinan Magellan – combat overhauled to make it more challenging
    Irradiated Elemental Lord – he wasn’t enough irradiating – now he should be. (he is an optional boss, so yes, he should be very fun now)
    Void Horror – he wasn’t enough horrifying – now he should be.

    We will continue to work on further improvements.

    Please share your feedback via Report Issue or join our Discord to talk with us directly.

    Thanks for playing Tower of Time

    Event Horizon Team