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About the Game

An emerging darkness would change the lands of Torindale forever…

A silent war inside the kingdom itself leads to awakening of a darkness no man, elves or dwarves of Torindale have seen the likes of before. You must reveal the true evil behind these events and save the lands of Torindale from oblivion.

Through corruption, betrail, love and hate you are set for an epic adventure within the lands of Torindale. A story that will take you through various environments from the darkest forest of Shadowstalk Vales, The snowy Wintermoor Lands in the north, the descolate desert of Dread Flatlands and Twisting Wastes in the west.

Torindale awaits your arrival!

The game:

Torindale, a single player Dark Fantasy RPG.
The game is still in a very early development but the main story and ideas has taken root and are well underway.

Check out screenshots and videos in the top menu and visit the forum for development updates and other news.

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