Top Ten Reasons Why Is My Game / Channel Failing?

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Over the last few months I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of developers, streamers, video media, and one of the biggest observations I’ve made is self-absorption.

We as individuals can get so caught up in our own projects we fail to acknowledge the very people out there doing the same thing.

Recognizing I’ve been guilty of this very thing I decided to put together a little check list everyone should check themselves against.  I know for a fact if it can help me it can help you too.

  1. Learn to use hashtags – Often failing to use hashtags denies you the ability to reach people who might not have known you even existed.  Some people in social media do nothing but check these for new media, developers & projects.  You’ll be amazed at how powerful they can be.
  2. Did I post something about my game or channel today?  – Often your fans are looking for something new, a screenshot, a video, but cant find anything for months.   Get your message out there at least once a day, and make it something new.  No one likes to read the same message every two hours.
  3. Did I tweet or share someone else’s work? – This is effective at not only showing you care about your own work but shows you care about others in your same situation. “Sharing is caring”
  4. Is my message out there? – There are literally hundreds of sites to help small businesses focused on your projects.  Don’t just put all our eggs on one basket.   Get yourself involved in as many communities as you can find.
  5. Surround yourself with smart people –  There are channels on YouTube of ex developers, small, and large media coverage channels, whos focus is on how to grow your presence.   Some examples are how to use analytics to find out where you lost your audience in a video, or peak times your tweets are most effective.  Find them and follow their advice.
  6. I followed to many people – I’ve often said this but its important.  Don’t unfollow the people that helped make you successful.  Often times there are just to many of you to RT everyone in one day let alone every post.   Eventually they’ll get back around to seeing one of your posts and share the love.  When you unfollow an entire community that helped you get where you’re at you just burned every bridge you had.  The chances of you ever getting them back is probably non existent, and trust me, at some point you’re going to need them.
  7. Make lists on twitter – Lists are great for classifying various groups of interest.   I have several myself I can check back from time to time to see if I missed some important news you shared about your channel or your project.
  8. Share the love – When someone takes the time to RT something you posted, or shows a video of your work,  don’t be afraid to repay the favor and RT their post.  It shows you appreciate them for taking the time to do something to promote you.
  9.  Believe in yourself – Never give up on your channel or your title.  Just because you made mistakes doesn’t mean its the end of the world.  You learn more about yourself everyday so take everyday as a lesson.  What made you successful, and what made you fail is all part of life.  Be and think positive!
  10. Trust your instincts –   Your brain is a powerful tool, and often times that fist idea you had was the right one.  If you hesitated to post, or leave a comment, but did it anyway it probably was a mistake.  If you posted a video you thought was a bad idea, it usually was.    Always go with your instincts because often its the right decision.