Third Omen

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About Us

Incineration Productions is a newly founded independent game development studio, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently we are 11 young and passionate people each one of whom with a different professional background and personal skill set. Our average age at the studio is 27 years, we aren’t veterans from the game industry, neither do we have any famous published games behind us, but what we are most proud of is our unwavering enthusiasm to create the single-player, narrative driven experience that we all as gamers deserve and want to play.

We are currently developing Third Omen

– an old-school third person action-adventure video game, in which we tell a deep and engaging story about the conscious decision of personal destruction in the name of exaltation. But in order to achieve it you have to learn how to fully embrace cold emptiness, void and death.
* single-player, narrative driven experience – you play as Eve, a primordial force, the very concept of humanity.

Together you will seek revenge on the demons of her past and make a choice to avenge the evil they did to her or keep the balance.

But what if you are making a terrible mistake the consequences of which lead to total annihilation?
“one sole desire, one passion for revenge that will remain till the day …”
* tense surrealistic dark fantasy atmosphere – in Third Omen you will immerse yourself into a mind-blowing, shattered world, populated by powerful and distorted enemies, that seek to destroy you.
“Cold emptiness, hunger, void and pain surrounding us constantly.

In The Realm of Death the only thing we crave is the abyss. Our thirst for blood is neverending, our thoughts are shrouded with chaos and insanity.

Аs long as She walks, we won’t find piece…”
* timing-based combat system that puts you in control of your own actions – to deal with the creatures in Third Omen, we have created a precise fast-paced timing-based combat system that gives you full control of your actions.

This combat system is at the core of the Third Omen experience.
* elements of an RPG – you will acquire new powers and abilities through battle and reveal a lot of deeply kept secrets about yourself.
* an emphasis on true psychological horror, rather than cheap jump scares – dare yourself to dip into an intense gameplay in а vast world with masterfully crafted psychological twists.
* music – specially composed music the rhythm of which will play some tricks with your emotional state.
* no subscriptions, no loot boxes and definitely no pay to win – we truly respect the games of old and strongly believe that Third Omen should give you the exact same engaging experience.
Third Omen is much more than a game for us – it will be the first released game of our studio which will show the world who we are as game developers and what our core values and beliefs are.

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