The Midnight Show

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The Midnight Show


With the ascension of Stranger Things and the spotlight it casts on 1980s horror, it’s no wonder games like The Midnight Show take the player back to that synth-fueled era for a round of adventure and scares. TMS drops the player right back into an 80s vibe, by depositing them in the middle of a neon-laced cinema and arcade called “The Orpheum”.

The goal is to get back from the past and into your cozy home in the present day, but to do so you will need to converse with the employees and gather the information and items needed to escape.



•Soundtrack featuring rad “new retro” artists Wice and ALEX.

•”Tilt-your-own-adventure” control scheme means less buttons on screen and more space for visuals.

•Rewards, like increased inventory and quick-travel, change the gameplay as you progress.

•4 Mini games to solve.

•Talk your way past obstacles with NPC conversations.


As a child in the 1980s, creator Jeff Stapleton worked with his mom’s janitorial company cleaning multplex cinemas. His earliest memories are odd mixtures of empty theaters and watching the Rocky Horror kids leaving after the late show, waiting to enter to clean the mess they’d made only minutes before. As a creative employee at a major international food company, these visions and ideas circulated still. And with the benefit of his wife, who runs the business side of Takster Games, and owns the majority stake in the company, he was able to put these years of popcorn and candy and empty theater seats into a game – and although it can’t completely convey all the stories from those days, it is steeped in the atmosphere.

8.8/10 – “Choose Your Own Adventure meets Weird Science”
– Juampi, Appsoom

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Takster Games, LLC. is a small female-owned developer from Kansas City, dedicated to making games with three principles – Atmosphere. Character. Gameplay. Takster wants players to find new ways to solve problems, and to have deep atmosphere and character in a mobile format. There’s no reason big stories, can’t be told on small devices.
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