The Kaiju Offensive

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The Kaiju Offensive

About The Game

Big trouble is coming! The Kaiju Offensive is a 2D topdown brawler game where you fight as a giant monster and attack cities and destroy civilization!

Test your kaiju’s strengths, learn its weaknesses, and adapt to achieve supreme victory.

You descend upon Earth and reap utter destruction in this giant monster arcade style game. Select your kaiju and start obliterating everything in your path.

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⦁ At least 4 playable kaiju. Each kaiju is unique unto itself, specializing in its own form of combat abilities and methods of battle.
⦁ Some kaiju will have completely different play styles. For example, fliers play as topdown shooters with mouse aiming. Ground kaiju don’t use the mouse at all and play more like a beat ’em up game.
⦁ Every building on the map is destructible.
⦁ Each image is hand drawn. None are assets purchased from another website.
⦁ There will be a minimum of 10 maps on launch.

New Demo of Turrets

New Demo of Rail Gun


Music – by Kevin Macleod
Sounds –… Jim_Rogers CC 3.0…. Mike Koenig CC 3.0… snottyboy CC 3.0 Kibblesbob Public Domain Mike Koenig CC 3.0 Mike Koenig CC 3.0… minuteman Public Domain


Developer: Suspicious Ducks
Based in Gonzales, Tx, USA
Release date: TBD
Platform: PC
YouTube Channel:
Price: USD TBD