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Story is Your Weapon

Play as apprentice bard Gwen, tasked with uniting the quarrelling Celtic tribes against the invading Romans. Instead of fighting, use your songs and stories to inspire, persuade, or shame chieftains into action. Combine three different branches of magic; Bardic performance, Vate oratory and Druidic spiritualism. Talk with spirits, walk in myth, and fuel the legendary fire of the Celts.

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The year is 50AD. Faced with an unwanted marriage, young Gwen takes to the road with cynical bard Bedwyr, and begins to learn the ancient knowledge of the Bards.

Talesinger: Voice of the Dragon is a narrative RPG based on choice and consequence.

Step into Gwen’s shoes and use interactive songs to sway your audience. Entire communities’ futures can hinge on your decisions.

Learn from the Vates (lawgivers) the techniques of reading people and directing conversation. Seek the truth and pass judgement.

Discover the secrets of the Druids and command nature by crafting symbolic magical charms.

Rome is coming, and they are strong. Have you the wisdom to guide the Celts through this clash of cultures?