The Success Of This FREE Site Is Now In Your Hands.

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The site is doing well for being a month old but it could do better.   Its going to take you the media providers that do the streams, videos, authors, the fans of the games already on here,  and indie developers to make it even more successful.

My goal for this web site was for developers to show case their games, and the media provider to showcase their playlists, taking the guess work out of who a developer wants to cover their game based on the genre of the content provider, how active they are on the forums, and how many videos or streams they do for one title.

And Fans to tweet and “Share the Love”  

I cant beg for presskits or play lists,  It just takes to much time, but know this, there is no game I wont put on this site, I’m not bias towards any one genre, or how many titles you’ve done.  Also there is no channel I wont list (as long as you do cover some indie titles).  Every game deserves a shot, just as every channel on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube deserve attention.   You both work so hard at doing what you do, which is why I put this site, or even better “Portal” together.

Indie Developers:

Presskits are simple, and I recommend the following;

  • Have a gameplay and teaser video I can embed into the ad
  • A description of the game
  • You team’s contact information, and where people can find you on other social media outlets.
  • A roadmap of the games direction.
  • Screenshots
  • A bio about the team, how long its been in development

Media Providers

Pretty much the same applies as the list for the developers.

  • Have at least three embed playlists of indie games you’ve covered, the more streams or video in the playlist the better!
  • A description of your channel and your favorite genre
  • Your bio, people love to know who you are, and your passions.  What motivates you do to streams or video (its not easy work)
  • Some titles your looking forward to.
  • Screenshot of your logo to display as your icon


I would love to feature some of your columns here and a link to where people can find more of your work.  Advice about indie game development, and the media providers that cover them are extremely important to me.  I’m not here to complete with you, as this is a free community. 


Final Comment:

To submit your material is simple, contact me through the “contact me” tab or DM me on twitter.    I have a format for media providers to use to list their playlists on YouTube, and suggestions for Mixer and Twitch as well.