Subsistence – By Shadowz: Developer Appreciation Week

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Developer Appreciation Week

So today I was browsing my Twitter and Google+ pages, and saw that another blogger and someone I consider a friend as well, is doing what is called Developer Appreciation Week.So thanks Ravanel for doing this.  Now from what I’ve read in the past from other bloggers, and seen tweets about it, we’re to take either a developer, or developers and show them our appreciation for the job they are doing on the games we play. So as my beginner post for this week long thanks to these guys goes out to one single developer that I had the pleasure of finding his game from another YouTuber I watch all the time. The image I picked was from some of the game play I had taken just last night when I was in the game and playing for a bit before heading to bed. It’s called Subsistence ,and it’s in its early stages and available over on Steam.

Now this is what this game is all about. This is taken from the steam store page where you can buy the game.

Subsistence is a sandbox, first person, open-world survival game (currently only singleplayer, with multiplayer in development). Struggle to build a base and gear-up in the hostile environment. Defend yourself from wildlife and AI hunters (who also build bases in the world).

Now mind you this game isn’t for everyone, but it’s a game that I have been enjoying it since I have bought it. Course the lone developer Coldgames is a great guy that listens to his community and takes all the suggestions and ideas into consideration. He is the only one working on this game, and to me that speaks volumes because you hear a lot of developers talking about what they are doing, and everything, then this one single developer comes in and does this amazing game. It’s truly just amazing, and fun to play. He’s currently working on Multiplayer, but for the time being it’s a solo player game but it is fun to play.

I found this game from a YouTuber named GameEdged that I started watching his let’s play videos and etc. and found this series in his collection of videos, and was in awe with the game. Then when I found out it was only in extremely early access meaning it was not even on steam yet when I started watching these videos,

I couldn’t wait for a new video to be published so I could see what all was going on.

Then it came time for Subsistence to be put up on steam’s greenlight, then eventually it was set as early access, where yes Coldgames does have his testing done by a group of people and himself from what I’ve seen, then he releases an update via Steam to us, and wants the community to report all bugs, issues, and asks for input on things to help improve the quality of life in the game.

He does listen to the community and takes everything that is said into consideration. He has a vision and a certain way he wants this game to go, but he does listen to others on it, because he knows without him we wouldn’t have this game, and without us he wouldn’t get the full feedback he has been wanting for the game.

So my first post for the week is a HUGE thanks to Coldgames who created this wonderful game with it’s rich environment and is just a delight to play all because of the graphics in the game. I am also linking some of the game trailers he has posted on his YouTube account for this game. Enjoy all!



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