Strings of Ambivalence

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Strings of Ambivalence combines the fast paced action of side-scrolling platformers with the intense decision making layer of role playing games. As the heir to the Jarl of Af Loven Keep, embark on a adventure to save your father and sister, and journey across rich, dangerous, untamed environments towards the heart of Island of Goa. Every step of your story will unfold many secrets about the world you thought you knew so well, and also facts about your own nature as an Ambivalent.

​During every encounter you will have a chance to shape what happens to the people, creatures, and the environment around you, as well as how you will gradually transform yourself as a result of your own actions. Unlike traditional RPGs, your skill progression is not bound by any type of experience mechanics, but your very own decisions will determine what you will become capable of, as well as how the world will perceive you.

​Your journey will take you through several different landscapes with varying climates, wildlife, and populations, all of which will affect your gameplay, and your choices will affect them. Based on your alignment progression, different beasts and people may immediately want to befriend you, or see you hostile.

​Leave your mark on Goa and choose your destiny by forging the strings of virtue, ego, discipline, or rebellion.


Make meaningful choices through dialogue, combat strategy, travel path, and your actions to determine your character alignment, which in turn affects the skills available to you and how the world treats you.

  • Progress your character alignment in Virtue-Ego and Discipline-Rebellion axes, or indulge in a conflicting alignment composition that only an Ambivalent can manifest, with all of its rewards and perils!
  • Specialize in a melee, ranged, or spell casting sub-class based on your character alignment, or combine classes to adapt to your hybrid gameplay.
  • Jump, climb, hang, sneak, ride, gallop, across a dynamic 2.5D side-scrolling world with many physical challenges to overcome.
  • Experience the story of the fantasy world of Goa, the World Beyond the Portal.
  • Journey across a vast island with different climates, landscapes, and atmospheres influencing gameplay.
  • Meet various cultures who migrated from the world of BC 230s and evolved for 75 years in an immensely different environment.
  • Traverse the vast lands of Goa either on foot or on your loyal mount Smoke.
  • Fight or tame wildlife with different alignments based on your own character alignment.


It has been 75 years since Alexander the Great brought six exiled tribes through a portal in the city of Alexandria to a brutal and unforgiving world.

His goal was to colonize this mysterious new land and labor the new inhabitants to mine what they called Mitviri, a substance that could link one’s emotions to physical feats based on your character dispositions.

The colonists had eventually discovered the power of what they were mining themselves, and started raising Seers among their own orders that would unleash that power against their captors. Resulting conflict pushed the six tribes away from the surrounding area of the portal near Mount Goa, and towards the edges of what they found to be a large island surrounded by an unforgiving ocean. Trapped between the huge Macedonian army and the relentless waters, colonials agreed to give one child from each family as a ransom for their departure from the island to distant new lands and pledged to sand back a sum of purified Mitviri every year for a quantity of their captive children.

For 75 years, six tribes turned into six mighty nations, waged war against each other, spread far and wide, and prospered.

Ransomed children, siblings, and relatives started to mean less and distant against the ever increasing tax of Mitviri, which they utilized for every aspect of their lives.

The peace that was fragile to begin with, started to crack more with every tax convoy sent into the peril of the Island of Goa, and when the new Macedonian King demanded new ransoms.

You are Freyr of the House of Af Loven.

Your family’s keep on the northern shore of the Island of Goa has served for generations as a safe haven for the caravans carrying the annual tax of Mitviri in the name of the Borgean Kingdom to the Vetu Castle in the heart of the Island. It is another tax season, and it has been two days since your Jarl father left the keep with his men to escort the tax convoy lead by your Seer sister. Despite your mother’s protest, and your father’s rule for not leaving the castle, you ride your horse towards the port of Bneli.

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2018-5-29-Bow towards the bear

2018-5-29-Cloak and Gallop

2018-5-29-The killing blow


​Release: Q1 2020

In Development Since: September 2017

Platforms: PC, others TBA

Studio: Chase Tail Games, based in Tucson, Arizona



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