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About Stalag

To all Prisoners of War. The escape from prison camps is no longer a sport, but it is a videogame.
Command an international team of escapers in a World War 2 Prisoner of War camp.
“Stalag” is set within the barbed wire confines of the Third Reich and casts the Player in the role of Escape Officer.
How will YOU escape?
• Dig tunnels, shore them up and hide the dirt

• Scrounge resources from objects and the environment
• Forge and manufacture items to aid escape
• Stooge for guards and warn your team
• Learn languages to handle questioning
• Barter for items from guards or other prisoners
• Recruit international team members for different skills
• Avoid arrest and time in the Cooler
• Escape before becoming wirehappy
• Evade the enemy through occupied countryside
• Get back to Blighty and make a home run
and more….


  • Dig for Victory!
  • Tunnel under the perimeter.
  • Shore up to prevent collapses.
  • Pump air to dig for longer.
  • Disperse soil without being seen.


  • Salvage Scrap!
  • Steal materials from the camp to make equipment.
  • Sabotage German infrastructure.


  • Stamp out the Axis!
  • Forge identification papers.
  • Make German uniforms and civilian clothes.
  • Manufacture items & tools to help you.
  • Copy keys, return original & keep the theft quiet!

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