Sponsorship For My Work Is Important To Me

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Every project that gets added to Razors Edge Gaming is promoted by Twitter as a campaign, which means each submission is run as part of advertisement to the gaming community, with both an interest in indie game development, and indie gaming  as a whole.   I pay for this service so your projects, media accounts on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube that cover indie games, get the coverage they deserve.

I don’t have a signed contract, and I charge no fees to be sponsored, but I do reserve the right to remove any promotion if you chose to no long support me, and my cause for the success of indie game development.

It takes a lot of work and research to find projects, not to mention the money I spend to keep this going, so the least you can do is continue to follow us on twitter, and encourage your communities to look at other projects they might like to purchase, just as they purchased, and support yours.  This site was indented to be used as a community.  Both for developers to find media providers who do hundreds of videos on one game, and draw attention to your game.   This includes individuals whos accounts range from less than one hundred followers to thousands.  The goal is for you to find individuals who cover a single game, what genre they like, how active they are on the forums, and what kind of feedback they leave in their videos.

The site is growing, and more features are being added to help you pair up, is on the roadmap for development.  The average new visitor per day is growing, and its only been a month since we started this.  I cant imagine how large and successful our community will be in a year.