Sponsorship For My Work Is Important To Me

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Every project that gets added to Razors Edge Gaming is promoted by Twitter as a campaign, which means each submission is run as part of advertisement to the gaming community, with both an interest in indie game development, and indie gaming  as a whole.   I pay for this service so your projects, media accounts on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube that cover indie games, get the coverage they deserve.

I don’t have a signed contract, and I charge no fees to be sponsored (and I never will), but I do reserve the right to remove any promotion if you chose to no long support me, and my cause for the success of indie game development.

It takes a lot of work and research to find projects, not to mention the money I spend to keep this going, so the least you can do is continue to follow us on twitter.

The site is growing, with almost 27k views a day. Take advantage of it.   If you have a presskit and are an indie developer email it to me.  If you have a profile as a indiegame coverage channel on twitch, youtube, or mixer DM me.