Solace Crafting

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Solace Crafting

My name is Kyle Postlewait (34) and I started this years ago because I can’t find the game that I want to play. I am not a veteran game developer. I do not have any published AAA titles. I am self-taught and I make mistakes. Having said that, I’m tired of survival crafting games being abandoned, focusing only on PvP and guns, or turning into major time sinks. I’m doing everything I can to make a great fantasy survival RPG despite the tremendous challenge that is game development. I am trying to be very honest: the game is far from finished! Please don’t buy early access expecting a fully polished game and then give it a bad review. In return, I promise to make sure that this game is NEVER ABANDONED. I need to sell less than 500 copies to switch to full-time. If sales are better than that I can hire more help. But first and foremost I will always work to secure financial longevity and legal stability, and maintain all intellectual rights, never selling power to sponsors, publishers, or anything that could ever possibly endanger continued development.

Short description

An adventuring encounter from the game Solace Crafting

(Many features listed here are still under development)
Solace Crafting is a crafting and building heavy survival RPG focused around building towns and summoning NPC townspeople. We are sent through different dimensions questing for a way to defeat the corrupting hatred that is spreading throughout the multiverse. With an open class system, open-recipe crafting, open-recipe enchanting, modular building, defensive structures, town management quests and rewards, distance-based difficulty, and an infinite game world, players are free to move and quest at their own pace.

With an uncapped leveling system you can try to push further than anyone ever has. You can try and make the ultimate sword, staff, or anything, thanks to complete control over all recipe settings. Build massive towns full of NPCs not limited by physics-based construction. Seek out rare enchants and exotic resources in the elemental planes. Find a way into the heart of the demonic planes and face hatred head on to jump-start the next phase in evolution for all of creation.

About the game

Extreme Viewing Distance

What will you find with 9,200 square kilometers laid out before you. The forest, the mountains, deep underground, choose your own path.

  • 48km visible in all directions including up and down
  • Encounters, biomes, and other points of interest visible long range
  • Special landmarks designed to encourage vertical travel

Solace Crafting starts out much like similar survival games: you need to make clothes to avoid freezing to death, you need to find food to keep from starving to death, and you should build shelter from the dangers of nightfall.

Different outcomes of the shortsword recipe from Solace CraftingSet item enchanting of different item types from Solace Crafting

Once you are surviving it’s time to evolve. Build resource processing and crafting facilities to create improved weapons and armor. Leveling up your professions levels up your recipes and allows you to unlock new recipes and crafting abilities. Our crafting system is quite unique, allowing even the creation of custom sets. I definitely recommend you watch the (slightly dated) video on player crafting available above.

Custom Professions

Evolve your professions, unlocking special abilities and recipes to benefit your play-style. Crafting professions and skills, like adventuring, have no maximum level. Unlike adventuring levels, professions can gather unlimited skill points though upgrades provide diminishing returns.

Infinite skill levels make each character different than the next

  • Play any or all professions on one soul, no restrictions
  • Upgrade entire categories like bows or heavy armor
  • Unlock a wide array of recipes or seek hidden recipes throughout the land
  • All recipes carry equal potential, no “best” drops, only player choice
  • Share professions across all your facets (characters)
  • No cross-dependency between professions
  • Experience based on resources used, not items crafted

Role-Playing Game (undergoing improvement)
Once you’re armed and ready it’s time to push back against evil and it’s minions. Level-up and develop your character using an open-class system of evolving skill trees. Mix melee, ranged, magic, and heals however you like. Skills are being designed with fun and visual uniqueness in mind, not minimalism and strict balance.

Solace Crafting (undergoing improvement)
Once you’re capable of venturing far enough away from the core shard where you start, it’s time to start crafting your own solaces. Crafting and placing a solace will allow you to instantly return to it from any other solace in the world, letting you choose your own points of interest. Be careful though as the further you travel in any direction, the more difficult everything becomes. In order to level up a solace you’ll have to defend it from waves of attackers that will try and stop the procedure. Build static defenses and summon NPC guards to help protect your solaces during upgrades and town quests.

Town Management (not yet under development)
An upgraded solace allows you to summon NPCs ranging from gatherers and crafters, to quest givers and class trainers. Each town is however limited by its level which is determined by its location in the world. In order to summon higher level NPCs and unlock higher level quests you’ll need to push deeper into the wild, setting up towns of various sizes as you go, even in other dimensions. Sometimes you may only need a new gathering outpost for higher tiered resources, other times you may want a sprawling city to unlock new skills, recipes, and achievements with.

Astral Travel (not yet under development)
When the time is right you will find your way to the Elemental Planes. Most heavily affected by the spreading hatred these have becomes dimensions of extreme danger, both environmental and sentient. You must find out where the hatred stems from and find a way to put an end to it once and for all. The Elemental Planes are also the birthplace of all resources mundane and exotic alike. Only here will you find the purest, most powerful resources for crafting and enchanting equipment worthy of a hero.

A harvesting skill in action from the crafting RPG Solace Crafting

Developed by a gamer

60km view from the game Solace Crafting
I started learning how to make games years ago because the design decisions of so many of the games I played often made so little sense to me. Here are some of the design decisions I refined over the years that I do my best to uphold:

  • No pay-to-win, no pay-to-play, no paid DLC, no gacha or gamble mechanics
  • No metered progression
  • Level any and all professions freely, no arbitrary caps
  • Minimal sub-ingredients, minimal crafting and refining timers (1-3 seconds can be useful sometimes to allow canceling)
  • Completely open, point and level based branching skill trees
  • Multiple, incremental skill points every level
  • Classic roles, not forced balance. Some classes may be harder than others.
  • Unlimited player levels
  • Unlimited skills levels
  • Completely open physics-based world, no off-limits
  • No “realistic” building physics that destroy everything
  • Unlimited access to parallel realities (alternate seeds)
  • Shape and color your avatars freely instead of using preset races
  • Allow alternate characters in the same world

Share crafting and building levels, storage, towns, achievements, etc. across all characters created in the same universe. In other words everything besides combat levels, combat skills and attributes. I want to play mage and paladin without having to start everything over.

I know how to, and will accomplish everything written here. It’s only a matter of time. If the game sells I can hire help with what I’m bad at and focus on what I’m good at.
I know a lot of fans of the survival genre are pretty jaded, myself included, after so many titles have lost their leadership, changed projects, or plain given up. I’m here every day hoping to heal that sore and would very much appreciate your $15 support if any of this interests you.

Multiplayer, and all of its many features will absolutely be implemented when full-time development becomes a reality. Multiplayer like single-player will be PvE oriented and grief prevention/anti-cheat will always take top priority. Turning single-player towns into multiplayer guildhalls complete with defense quests and special achievements is something I very much look forward to, and have quite a few plans for.

Player Classes

Player Classes are flexible and branch out starting with four Archetype Skill Trees. Which tree you put the most points into determines your main class. Putting enough points into any tree will unlock passive bonuses, such as a permanent stamina boost or the ability to wear heavy armor. Job Trees unlock at level 10 and Class Trees unlock at level 30, though are not yet fully implemented.
Classes with a * are hybrid classes and have special requirements

Adventuring skill trees evolve and branch as players level

  • Squire

    Melee +Heavy Armor +Shields +Two-Handed Weapons

    Guardian | Knight / Paladin*
    Fighter | Warrior / Duelist*

  • Scout

    Melee / Ranged +Medium Armor +Bows +Dual Wield

    Adventurer | Bard* / Rogue
    Archer | Marksman / Ranger*

  • Apprentice

    Magic +Wands +Staves

    Magician | Summoner / Enchanter*
    Scholar | Wizard / Spellsword*

  • Disciple

    Healing / Magic +Medium Armor

    Spiritualist | Shaman / Druid*
    Priest | Cleric / Monk*

Unix and Mac support will be tested and released shortly after PC release.

The best is yet to come!


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