Site Progress Update & Just What IS IT?

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I’ve had the site up for a few weeks now and as you can see I’ve added a number of games. You can imagine if I tried to cover every indie game out there, over a period of a year, and RT them it would get obnoxious to say the least. We have commited a decent amount of resources to have this website professionaly reconstructed only a few weeks ago. I know there are plenty of sites like this and I think that’s a GREAT thing as the more exposure anyone can get the better.

The Goal

Just what am I trying to do? This site is not only to cover the indie game titles, the teams, the inspirations behind their titles, its to connect Indie developers with people who cover games, often 40+ episodes just on one title.  Followers on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer are meaningless if the person doing the video or stream does one episode, never leaves a review, doesn’t get involved on your forums after you release the game, or worse trashes your game because of a lack of understanding what it takes to program a game or worse play it.   Not only that but the life sacrifices, the money it takes, and the toll on your health.   (I do, I’ve been there).   I’m not talking about money media coverage charge, through motorization, Patreon services,  as I think there are some great media folks out there that do a wonderful job covering games, and truly love indie development as much as I do, and do make a living at it. That’s a noble job but I wouldn’t want it, as I would end up hating to play games all together.

Adding the media coverage is the second phase of this project.  It will feature their Bio, favorite game genre, a playlist of a series that they covered of their choice, and what they contributed to the community in their own words.


I also want to be able to find helpful articles I’ve found for both media providers, indie developer, and I’ve already posted a few of them.  I also publish articles on Medium, which I have found a great community of authors who talk about indie development, tips for streamers, and other media providers.

BUT.   Always a “BUT” in there.

I feature Indie games based on a few criteria, so before you ask me to put you up on the site ask yourself a few of these questions. 

  • Did it take a long time to develop the project, and does your game have something new or unique that no one has seen before, because I believe indie development is the future of gaming or I wouldn’t be doing this.
  • Is there something you can benefit from this site, will your followers use it to social link you out by means of Twitter, and Facebook, RSS feeds on your progress.   You have to remember it wont be just your game that brings a fan here, it will be many gamers who play many genre’s, and may have never seen your game yet and know nothing about you.
  • Is your game ready to be noticed?   Do you have enough material have it listed.   Screenshots, teasers, a web site, a discord channel as these are all things I think are important for everyone, is to understand your team, and the amount of work that was involved in developing the game.
Just A Side Note:

With all the random unfollows and follows due to algorithms by twitter and the volume of indie developers I follow, I hope you don’t judge me if you noticed I unfollowed you or didn’t follow you on purpose. Because I see unfollows all the time. I actually just stopped watching them period. I’ve had it happen to me and I’m sure you’ve seen it happen to you. Its nothing personal its Twitter trying to clean up the spam on their service.  My account allows messages through twitter without a follow, I set it up that way on purpose so you can reach out to me if suddenly I wasn’t following you, or missing your updates.

 “This website was created for our love of indie games. We are a not for profit organization. Only for passion for video games is required”