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In Settlements mankind as we know it has been destroyed.

We are little more than a few scattered people living in caves and under bushes, banging rocks together to keep warm and eat berries.
Your challenge is to bring humanity together.

Lift us up out of the stone age and forge ahead, all the while worrying about what destroyed mankind last time and if it will return to finish the job.
Settlements is a game of managing resources and crafting output over a limited space.

You control the pace of the game, relax for many days of playing as you customize each character and train their skills in the items of the era, or rush ahead researching technology as fast as you can.

The choice is yours.
The goal of Settlements is to bring a deep crafting RPG game to as wide a range of PCs as possible. Just as enjoyable on a gaming desktop rig as on a low-end laptop used for browsing the web.
Current Early Access Features

Character Customization – Change name, appreance & voices, purchase a large range of feats and even allocate them to a family.

8 Technological Eras – From the Stone age to the Industrial. You control the pace of advancement through research and seeking out more land to settle.

Play at a speed you are most comfortable with and stay in an era as long as you wish.

100+ Buildings to place and use from housing to factories. With space being your primary issue for much of the game, deciding on what to build is key to success.

60+ Character Skills. Each character can only train in 15 skills at any one time, so you will need to develop specialists and keep them alive.

10+ World Skills. Ranging from house design and metal lore to militia combat training, these skills will effect all your settlements.

Diplomacy Points.

Although you cannot fit everyone into your settlements, the people who live in the wild are still important to your success.

Help them and gain diplomacy points that can be spent on benefits later.

800+ Items to Craft, Research and Find: The game has in-depth crafting at its core.

Your characters will need to gain skills in various crafting methods to unlock the ability to craft rare and more powerful items as well as advance in technological eras.

70+ Base Monsters

8 Boss fights, each with their own unique treasure. (Including some with difficulty levels and ultra rare drops!)

Scout the world for information on the Blight and help out the struggling remains of mankind.

World and Settlement Threat – leading to the Doomsday clock and Main Plot Failure!

Be careful not to take on challenges that are beyond your character’s skills. Too many failures will advance the doomsday clock and lead to Victory for the Blight.
Features Coming Soon in Early Access
Technological Eras 9-10 – Take your people to the space age as you fight against the awakening of the Blight.

Can you use the knowledge of the ancients to stop humanity being wiped out for good this time.

10+ More buildings for the base game.

100’s more Items to Craft, Research and Find.

3 Different Ways to Win – Once you unlock the Science Lab and start researching end-game technologies as well as uncovering knowledge of the world, you will unlock several ways to win the game – which one you attempt is up to you.

Hard Difficulty mode – Unlock secrets of the ancients through your gameplay and achievements, use them to purchase more advanced buildings and recipes to take on the game in it’s ultimate difficulty.

Put yourself in the game. We plan to add a way for you to upload custom character faces.

More base monsters. There will be more monsters added.

More boss encounters. There are already 6 in the game, the plan will be to add up to 20 of these challenging encounters.

Side quests. More side quests will be added as the game develops.

More Achievements. We plan to add a lot more achievements to the game, some linking to the reward system.