Save Your NUTS!

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Save Your NUTS!

Social Synergy

Team play is the core of the gameplay (cooperation and confrontation);

players have to cooperate with teammates in order to save their nuts.

The game encourages players to create strategies and communicate to release special combos.

 Sport Feeling

The gameplay mechanics based on the physical behavior of the nuts provides a feeling of sports game like soccer or hockey.

Use your skills to aim and play strategically. It’s easy to play, but hard to master.

 1 to 4 Players + Bots

Play 1v1 or 2v2 in coop or competition modes. Missing players? You can add bots (AI) and select the difficulty you prefer.

 Couch Party Mode

Bring your friends and start a party. All players can play on the same screen without having to split it.

 Online Competition and Matchmaking

Looking for challenges? Join the online competition in ranked matches.


Interactive environments, power-ups, traps and special items make each party unique.

The gameplay is fast, fun, and gets quickly addictive.


You can unlock new characters, weapons, maps and wearable items.
And more: Achievements, Leaderboards, Full controller support, …

Simple and intuitive controls, so new players can easily jump in and have fun.


It’s easy to play, but hard to master: There is not a lot of place for luck, this game is skill-based.

You can make a huge difference by knowing when is the best moment to attack or defend,

by doing accurate jumps, shots, passes and by choosing the right items and power-ups at the right time

The gameplay is based on:

– The ability to predict and control the physical behavior of the nut.

– The team play, cooperation is key

– The interactions with the environments (reliefs, traps, food, platforms…).

Challenging AI: you can choose the levels of the bots (easy, normal, hard, unfair)

Kick nuts and players

Throw nuts and players

Tips: you can throw your teammate to help them or your opponents to kick them out.

Dig to find special items

Jump to dodge or reach platforms

 Saving for winter (Collect 5 nuts)

You have to collect nuts one by one before winter. You have 5 min to collect 5 nuts. If the time is up, the team with the most nuts win the match (overtime in case of a draw).

 Thieves (Steal the nuts of the other team)

Each team starts with 3 nuts. You can steal nuts in the house of the other team. If one team have no nuts in the house for more than 10 sec, they lose instantly.

After 5 min the team with the most nuts win the match. In this mode you can fight for more than one nut at a time, it gets crazy! Play strategically with your teammate.

 The Hunt (Catch the squirrels)

As a dog, your objective is to catch the squirrels and bring them home; as squirrel, you need to stay free, fool the dog, and release your teammate, if possible.

Use the environments, the power-ups and the special items to your advantage.

 Training Challenges (Solo)

Practice your skills in a series of challenges: racing, shooting, fighting…

 Nutty Tournament (Campaign)

Try to win the Golden Nut.

On each map you can use food as power-ups

Special items:

You can dig on the red cross to find useful items:


Explodes in contact or after 10 sec, knocks out the opponents or your teammate. Ideal to quickly clean the area.

Poop Trap

Places mines in strategic places to slow down the opponents. Stepping in poop is never a good thing.


I can fly! Increase drastically your speed. You can fly to get out of range of the opponents. Be careful, there is no breaks and no seatbelt.

Other items coming: flamethrower, giant flyswatters, baseball bat, and more…

The two first characters of the game are dogs and squirrels, that are rarely represented in video games. We are planning to add a Racoon, a Tatou, a Skunk, a Pig, and more (you can propose ideas!).

– Each one will have a specialty such as:

– Warrior (kick stronger)- Jumper (jump higher)

– Miner (dig faster)- Tank (better defense)

– Biologist (gas attack) – etc…

For each character, you can unlock new skins and costumes (those items are visuals, they will not affect the gameplay experience).


A small garden full of power-ups. Perfect for beginners to discover the basics of the game.


A bigger area with relief and water, beware of the crocodile in the lake!


More technical, in this level you will have to make accurate jumps to avoid the pitfall. You can fight against the stream of the upper rivers – but don’t go in the waterfall!

You can also move the small bridges by using the gears to cut the path of your opponents.

Next map coming: Volcano, Pirate Ship, Space station and more…

The full game will have at least 8 maps for the release and more will be added in free updates.

The game will release on PC platform first (Windows), we are also considering Mac, Linux, and consoles (XBoxOne, PS4, Nintendo Switch).

We are using Unreal Engine 4.

Frederic Bohn is a passionate and multi-talented developer with 7 years of experiences in the game industry. He worked on AAA games (BSG, Deux-Ex, Avengers) and indie companies. He has a strong experience with the game engine Unreal 4. Programming is his specialty but he also has artistic skills (game design, level design).

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Renato Reboucas is an experienced art director who worked at Gameloft, he is in charge of the character design, modelizations, animations, texturing and lighting.

See LinkedIn

Isabela Pedrosa is the head of marketing and public relations because of her previous experience in community management, journalism and communications. She will focus on the marketing strategy and will also help with the project management and customer service. Also, she has 4 years of experience in the video game industry, in LQA, FQA and localization (translation) and will help us take the game globally.

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Christophe Deplantec is our sound designer who also helps with game design.


Why BrightLocker?

We think it’s very important to involve players in the development process to get feedback and always make sure the game is fun and on the right track. We did that since the beginning of the project in February 2017 and this workflow worked very well for us. We are glad to see the reactions and feedback of the community, we made the game so much better with them. With BrightLocker we can continue to do that on a bigger scale, so please join the discussion and tell us what you like and dislike about the game and what would you like to see.

Help us to bring Save Your Nuts to a new horizon!


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