Rise of the Foederati

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Rise of the Foederati

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Pick your tribe and descent into a decadent world, where empires are crumbling and young kings emerge to take their place.

Play the local politics with your king or backstab him in a rebellion. Raid the enemy tribes and sell the villagers to slavery.

Destroy your enemies as you lay waste into the realistically-portrayed 5th century Europe.

From the coast of modern Portugal, to the borders of modern European Russia, from modern Finland to northern Africa.

Rise of the Foederati is an online, massive multiplayer strategy game that combines real-time strategy with turn-based combat.

You play as a leader of one of the many tribes surrounding the Roman borders in mid-5th century AD, and your objective is to lead your warriors into raids, skirmishes and battles to survive.

More important than winning battles, however, is to wade through the intricacies of managing your warband, as your soldiers will support your leadership as long as you bring them loot and glory. A weak leader, however, may face discontent warriors that will desert, abandon formations, disrespect your commands, or even challenge you to take control of your group!