Rift Frigate

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Drawing its inspiration from games like Twisted Metal / Carmageddon / Mechwarrior, Rift Frigate is not a traditional space sim.

Construct your ship with voxels, equip various weapons and utilities, engage in heated combat, navigate, scavenge, defend and survive in a harsh cold space.


The team
As a 2 man team, Daniel Nagy and Adrian Muntean are two driven indie devs inspired by classic 90’s games, teamed up in 2012 to bring together over a decade of combined gamedev experience into their own projects – currently developing Rift Frigate and Spirit Tactic. Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Started modding graphics in old games and contributing art to various game fan-forums in the late 90’s and throughout the 2000s.

With a background in traditional 2d artwork and a passion for functionality, game art seemed to be the logical step forward.

First professional graphic gamedev projects came in 2010 and opened the doors to 3D modeling and engine integration, and an obsession with optimization.

Personal quote: “We still have processing overhead for all of those!”

While in high school started game development in 1999 as a hobby. The first result was a basic Red Alert clone constructed using C++ for MS-DOS operating system. Started taking programming lessons outside classes and continued self taught learning until he landed the first job as a game developer in 2008. Several projects later, enough proven experience was gained to reach a conclusion: “I can make it better. I can make a difference”. So here we are, Rift Frigate is close to release and Spirit Tactic will follow soon. Personal quote: “I create logic for your dreams.”


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Awards & Recognition
Team & Repeating Collaborator
Daniel Nagy
Graphic Designer

Adrian Muntean


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