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Today marks the two year anniversary of the concept of

The concept seemed simple enough, to create a free portal for Streamers, content providers, indie game developers, and fans of indie game development.

The twitter account was up on this day two years ago almost to the minute of this article.

On the first day we had less than one hundred followers greatly due to a great friend Edward Castor @CastorEdward and Rachael Mack

Our First Banner

By Nov 29th we had the website started featuring five games and two media channels ( we celebrate the date on that day).

To date we have promoted over 3000 titles, some developers are on their second title, and almost two thousand media channels.  The site has been viewed by over one hundred and twenty seven million unique viewers and continues to grow in views per day.  I’m constantly blown away at how awesome our community is!

I never expected the site to go anywhere.  I had no expectations.

First Twitter Logo

We have grown into a great community, and I could not be more proud of the people that not only support this site but everyone else in the community.   There are so many people that make this work but I would like to leave a special thanks to the following people:

Steam Curator Group:

Our Crazy Family

Twitter Media Family

@ogspartan13 @redeventgames @stevecourtney79 @15AFAME_ @usmcsky @TheVPRoyalState
@GraphicsPhd @Diaelffin @TheGamerHotspot @heichhorn2000 @GOFIG_news @dizdezSky
@Chasemadgamer @Hybrid210Gaming @Indie_Release_ @CybercomG @SuspiciousDuck5 @ArrowsofCara
@realSILSKY @GeekyZombieKing @STALKERSGAMING @JSVeterans @geeksbythecreek @KylexPlays @BavohaVon
@Themightychops @JiltedZ @BU4UGaming @LostPilgrims @BlissfullKitty @balagahn @DannyDSC1 @Ghido85
@LycaonpictusG @thecyberbard @EiR_TD @RodatGHG @SweetMouse85 @dgGamesWorkshop
@PlayJakSayBack @ScaredyMat @TerraRandoma @Super_J22

Featured Indie Game Coverage Channels:


I really look forward to 2020 and what the future holds for the extremely competitive and often flooded Indie Game development market.   I hope as a community we can shine the light on those projects (games) and developers that never let use down or cease to amaze us with the power of a team with vision and dedication!