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I wasn’t going to add myself to this list because this is my site and it felt like a shameless plug for my channel but I do cover a LOT of indie games. I started my career after the military as a graphic designer for an AAA studio, and hated the fact that I was working on someone else’s project, so I went indie myself with zero knowledge of how to market a game, costs. You can imagine everything I did was dead wrong, and I lost it all.

So six months to this day I decided how can I help indie developers and media providers connect, and take the guess work out of things like:

  • Is this person going to review my game and trash it?
  • Will they do more than one video?
  • How well will my game be represented?
  • Will they be active on my forums?

I had done public speaking in my new career but knew nothing about making videos, so you can imagine the first videos, trailers, sounds were horrible. Over time I’m learning to get better at media coverage, as like any other hobby, job, it takes practice.

My Genre?

I love to do first look videos and update the series when there is a major patch to keep my viewers up to date on the progress over time of an indie developer project.

My favorite genre is Simulator games that teach people things, from insects to dinosaurs, city building, management simulations, space games, tactical combat FPS, Voxel games.

I’m Married and have one child, and work a full time job as a malware reverse engineer.

I have many playlists but these are the big ones, and to this day every game in my library is still installed on my hardrive 🙂

Kingdoms – The Indie Developer that I got involved with that started this all



First Looks