PsychoImpulse & Twitch Dynasty

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PsychoImpulse & Twitch Dynasty

Indiegame Horror Streamer on twitch

Also a avid indiedev Promoter.


Twitch Dynasty is the community discord that I put together (2/12/18) for members to network and grow their channels the correct way.

Members come in here, get to know one another and visit each others channels. And the more they do this, the more their channel grows naturally. I’ve seen people come into the group with 1-2 avg viewers and they are already pumping well over 10 avg, probably even more!

Outside of networking, I try to provide other tools for them to grow, such as shoutouts, guides, community events, and even free games to those that deserve it! If you’re ever curious to know more about us, feel free to come in by clicking the logo above!


Twitter: @TwitchDynasty