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What is Proze

The story takes place in a cozy dacha complex right next to abandoned Soviet industrial facility which was fully functional research center in the 70’s.
Three friends appear in the center of the mysterious events and get separated.
A 26-year-old guy Max wakes up beneath the streetlights after losing his consciousness caused by an obscure anomaly.

He has to find out what happened and search for his friends. But things are getting stranger.

Max finds himself in a mysterious and dangerous situation, which he has to investigate and turn things back to normal.


Twitter @SignSineGames

Meet The Team

We are the group of independent, creative, and insightful people.
A year ago we met without any real ambition or expectations, just to discuss an idea of making a game based on our personal experience which we transformed into a story.
In our team, you will find professionals in their field with many years of expertise such as design, audio, video, programming, art, photo, business.
Combining all the background and dedication to games, we found ourselves capable of creating a unique game with a thrilling story.

Arthur Kazakov
Arthur Kazakov
Game Developer

Andrew Shcherbak
Andrew Shcherbak
Game Developer