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About This Game

Privateers is a roguelite set in a fantasy nautical world. Players are set free into an archipelago where they can become a heroic navy captain or and evil pirate overlord depending on the choices that they make. They will encounter a rich and diverse set of fantasy factions each with their own backstory and unique style of events.

During combat, players can take tactical control by pausing the game at any point in order to assess the situation and order commands. Carefully orchestrating the various abilities of your crew is critical for survival. Every choice and every encounter matters since death is permanent and you cannot load an old save.


Assemble a crew with diverse skills and abilities
Choose to be a heroic privateer or a legendary pirate
Find and equip epic loot opening up new ways to play
Explore the islands taking on unique tasks and adventures
Discover the many fantastical factions and races
Every choice matters with perma-death and a single save

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