The Outpost Nine: Episode 1

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The Outpost Nine: Episode 1

Welcome to the Outpost Nine Ep. 1


Fact Sheet

Developer: Benjy Bates

Publisher: Sedoc LLC

Release Date: July 20, 2018

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Game Link:

Gameplay Video:

Price: USD $4.99

Availability: Digital Download

Languages: English

Press Contact: Deana Galbraith,

Social: Facebook

The Outpost Nine – Episode 1 is a Visual Novel/Point and Click hybrid game following the small skeleton crew of “The Outpost”, a lonely mining facility set on the small moon “Cobalt Paradise”.

While preparing the facility for the arrival of the rest of the Outpost mining crew, they accepted a distress call from a close-by freighter. While searching the freighter, they find two pilots, one horribly disfigured yet alive and only the remains of the other.

However, the pilot they bring into the Outpost turns out to be host to a bizarre and frightened parasite putting the crew in intense danger.

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