Omen Hunter

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Omen Hunter
An all new 3D dungeon crawling RPG set in an immersive multiverse full of creatures, demons, and Gods awaiting your arrival!


Omen Hunter is a new kind of RPG! Set in multiple universes, you will battle beasts, slay demons, and bathe in the blood of Gods! Hunt down Omens to gain your powers to withstand the Nightshade’s relentless onslaught and become the ultimate God, and save reality in the process.



Forget standard experience points and leveling up! In Omen Hunter, you become stronger and evolve by absorbing the souls of defeated enemies. The types and quality of souls you absorb will affect the way you evolve. Evolving can make you stronger, faster, magically adept, and more.

Hidden in various locations around the universes are powerful Omens, some good, some bad. But all possess unique powers that will strengthen you beyond the limits of Gods. Control the elements, minds of others, spirits, and even command the laws of time itself!

Choose your path through the game, whether it be choosing where to explore, who to kill, or who to become allies with. There are plenty of ways to play, and one to surely fit your play style. Be a one-man powerhouse or ally yourself with others to build an unstoppable army.

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Stretch Goals

£15,000 – Additional Content

Upgrade your arsenal of weapons, armour, and sorcery with all new content! Find new ways to defeat your enemies, command new powers, and become stronger than ever before! Also featuring a God Mode game type, fight against time to bring destruction to as many enemies as you can!

£20,000 – Continued Story

Continue exploring the story in the Omen Hunter universe and discover more secrets, explore more environments, and challenge the power of new fearsome enemies!

£30,000 – A New Perspective

View the storyline from another perspective and play through the tale of another during the events of Omen Hunter.

Limited Edition Cards

Get your hands on a pack of these Limited Edition Omen Hunter playing cards when you become a “Deity of the Omens” backer. on Kickstarter!


Risks and challenges

We have pre-planned all necessary tasks and given enough time for each one to be completed. So if this project is fully funded, we will be able to work on, and complete Omen Hunter and bring it to Steam by June 2019.

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