Note For Indie Developers

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Indie Developers,

I will only support you if you continue to follow me.  You will remain in my list of #indiedev on twitter but I will no longer support you if you don’t support me, and my cause, which is to see developers succeed in their projects by connecting them with media coverage providers on YouTube, Twitter, and Mixer.   I support a lot of developers and I don’t have time to filter out lists of fake followers to get my numbers up on twitter, or check any unfollow tools.   If you haven’t figured that out about me you have not done your research before you followed me.   I suggest before you follow me you watch “Its Just Me” which tells you my story, and why I’m so supportive of your dreams.  I’m not a key hunter, I don’t monetize my videos, I buy my own games, support Kickstarter, Thunderclaps, and other means to make sure you build a good community before your game hits the market.  I spend a lot of money to keep this up, work a full time job, and still be involved in my own families lives.


Razors Edge.  aka Jim.