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Naxia is an ARPG game with a refreshing new take on hack-and-slash combat. Set in a fantasy world, Angels and Demons wage an eternal war. Choose between four playable characters; Ajira – a young female outcast with a troubling childhood, Ryan – a former member of the imperial mages council, Emon – a sellsword barbarian, or Vazor – a cold blooded necromancer. Each character is equipped with unique abilities and fighting style.

Amidst the turmoil of this heavenly conflict, a new hero is approached by Commander Skye to empower an army willing to fight for humanity and retake what is rightfully theirs. Each playable character will progress through a unique story-line with character-specific interactions and dialogues. Hone your skills and acquire an arsenal to prepare for the ultimate battle. Uncover the power of Rage Form – a combat ability which allows you to shape-shift into a divinely powerful inhuman monster and eradicate your foes.


  • A Deep and Diverse Combat System 
  • Dynamic and Fast-paced Action 
  • Four Different Playable Classes with Different and Unique Gameplay 
  • A Different and Profound Story for each Class 
  • Different types of enemies (+20 types) 
  • Extensive Character Development 
  • Procedural Content 
  • Different types of Bosses 
  • A Crafting System 
  • A Unique Skill Tree and Rage Form for each Class 
  • Rogue-Like Dungeons and Battle Arenas 
  • The Ability to Collect Hundreds of Items 
  • An Xbox and PS Controller Setup 
  • Secrets to Uncover 
  • The Ability To Reclaim Skill Points

Combat System

Our combat system is deep and diverse, in that it uniquely integrates functionalities of an action-adventure game with that of an ARPG game. It offers various combat system mechanics, such as unique combo chains made up of melee or range movement sets and spells


3 Different Unique Execution Styles for each enemy.


Travel through 12 unique worlds with lots of places to discover.

Different seasons and environments.

From the darkest forests to the hottest deserts, from highest mountain to the deepest dungeon.

Character Development

Find Items in the game by completing quests / Killing enemies / Finding reward chests.

  • Cloths 
  • Shoulders 
  • Boots 
  • Gloves 
  • Weapons

+100 Armor Type
+20 Weapon Type


17 Unique Spell for each character with 4 level of upgrade.

Procedural Dungeons

Dungeons are generated procedurally every time you enter, meaning you’ll have to be prepared for anything!!

360° view

Change view 360° to see Naxia world better.


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