MrSoundwaves Cubes (Patrick)

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MrSoundwaves Cubes (Patrick)

Hello,i`m a gamer who creates walkthroughs and gameplay videos on Youtube since 2013 and old enough to have owned a Commodore 64.(A system with games on tape)
The very first game I ever played was Pong and was a very simple black and white game with 2 lines and a ball on a TV screen.Later on I got myself an Commodore Amiga 500 wich used floppy disks and was my first system I used for video and audio editing.
In 2007 I created my first Youtube channel wich was focused on reviewing Transformers toys featuring the toys from the 2007 Transformers movie and onward,but this got very exspensive and space consuming over time.
In 2013 I deleted my Transformer channel and created my current games related channel wich I still maintain today.On this channel you can find gaming videos such as simulation,survival and early access games,but furthermore I also do game reviews and tips and tricks videos for games as well as game related videos like how to stream with an Nvidia card to Facebook and game tutorials.

Current series:




Rise Of Man:



FSEconomy for X-Plane 11:

X-Plane 11:

The Works Of Mercy: (This game is yet to come out)

Transport Fever:

Euro Truck Simulator 2:

American Truck Simulator:

Planet Coaster:


Future Wishlist Games:

  • Vampyr
  • The Works Of Mercy
  • Prehistoric Kingdom
  • Jurassic Park Evolution
  • Taste Of Power
  • Identity
  • Foundation


Where to find me:

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  • Steam Profile: mrsoundwave
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