Lou’s Reviews

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Lou’s Reviews

Lou’s Reviews is an independent pop-culture channel that’s charging the
mountain of popular culture and mining its hidden gems. What started as sporadic long-form review articles quickly turned into video content on YouTube.

Lou’s Reviews receives tens of thousands of views each month. We currently focus on
gaming content with a touch of Philosophy thrown in for good measure. We have three main series right now:

Indie Curator, The Best You’ve Never Played, and The Gaming Philosopher.

“Indie Curator” features exceptional new games from lesser-known studios, while “The Best You’ve Never Played” is essentially a ‘hidden gems’ series, as it features exceptional games from all kinds of studios – but these games have been released for some time, yet they didn’t garner the recognition they deserved.

Of course there’s “The Gaming Philosopher”, where we explore how philosophical ideas are communicated through video games, and explain it in a fashion that’s accessible to the average person.


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