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Explore the broken and war-torn world of Alriah, a world that on the edge of destruction unveiled in its heart a crystal of immense power. The source of all life is now shamelessly exploited to end this last war to the favor of one of four relentless factions.

Command the remaining humans of an once great kingdom fallen from grace now known as the Twilight Crusade, the insidous reptile species of the Scourge forging their weapons of agony and affliction inside their great ziggurats or the Nether Legion, a mysterious and power-hungry army of demons that only wishes destruction.

As the world falls into void and all that is left clashes in ruthless conflicts, do you have what it takes to liquidate your foes or will you be liquidated before?



  • Grow your Kingdom on the broken and war-torn world of Alriah and decide about the destiny of the world. Will you save it or destroy it?
  • Learn more about the world and its characters through Solo or Coop PvE Missions.
  • Play one of the unique factions and sub factions like the Twilight Crusade/Kingdom, Nether Legion/Horde, Scourge
  • Alliance/Heretics or Corruption Amalgamation/Colony each with their own unique gameplay and heroes.
  • Witness intensive offline or online skirmish battles with or against other players.
  • Climb the online ladder to prove who is the best in liquidating.
  • Manage your resources carefully and survive harsh weather events like winters and vicious foes.

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