Legends of Enchantment

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Legends of Enchantment will lead you into realm of magic, wonder and adventure. A land of knights and dragons, good versus evil. Journey through lands beyond imagination, learning to become a great knight and magician. Gather and train your team or chose to journey alone. Conjure spells, take on mighty beasts and soar through the air on magnificent dragons, immersing yourself in a magical kingdom that you’ll never want to leave.”

The Game

Legends of Enchantment will feature characters inspired by classic literature, those same legends that inspired Tolkein to create his masterpieces. Texts such as Beawolf, Nordic Legends,

King Arthur and the Faerie Queen all inspired Tolkeins Legendarium and of course his Lords of the Rings Trilogy.

The game will take you on a quest to save a kingdom and unite its people, taking you through incredible landscapes that you may explore at will. You may travel by foot, cart, horse, boats, even by dragon or magic, the choice is yours and of course all based on your knowledge, skill and where in the Kingdoms you are.

You will be able to choose your skills and training, by focusing on magic, combat, or crafting. You can also combine the skills the choice is yours.

The lands are populated by many creatures some you will need to defeat and some you will be able to train to help you.

You can learn to heal yourself and others by training in ancient arts of healing , derived from ancient traditions. Learn to survive by befriending the characters you meet, learning to fight skillfully, craft and use magic wisely. We will bring you magic, battles, friendship, and a great deal of adventure thrown in.

We are going to make a game that is amazing to play, stunning to look at and will have us all hooked from the moment you start to play.

We know that it is not just overall design that makes a game, it is each and every action and reaction that can make or break it in terms of game play.

Game play will be put on the highest pedestal and we will never allow it to to be forgotten amongst the stunning graphics and storyline,  and it is our aim to make Legends of Enchantment a game that every gamer will want to get their hands on.

The dragons were worshipped by those who practiced magic for thousands of years. Their offerings and sacrifices kept the dragons wrath from the humans. When the dragons began their 500 year hibernation those without magical power turned on those gifted with it. They were driven into hiding, and those caught practicing magic were executed. Hundreds of years later children were taught that magic didn’t exist and that dragons were simply a myth. 

With their hibernation coming to an end the dragons are stirring and their new offspring are ready to emerge. A young shepherd seeking shelter from a storm wandered deep into a mountains cave system. He discovered the most exquisite gems and returned home with them. They sold for extortionate amounts of gold and news travelled  far and wide of his good fortune. Soon others began to search for these gems and like the Shepherd sold them to the highest bidder. 

These gems began to hatch. 

Hell hath no fury like a dragon that awakes to find her children gone.

 Legends of Enchantment brings together the very best of Fantasy RPG and Action adventure games. It is set in a world of magic, knights, dragon, and good versus evil. 


  • Chose whether to journey alone, build a team or play alongside your friends online. Each mode is adapted to make the most of the way you chose to play. 

  • As a player you can learn to use magic, fight like King Arthur and soar through the air on a dragon. 

  • You will be able to craft to create an array of objects to help you on your journey. 

  • You will meet characters and creatures and interact with them; some may help you some may not. 

  • There are many kingdoms to explore and each with it’s own unique atmosphere. 

  • Chose from an array of weaponry and magic spells.

  • Play Co-op, PVP, or Single Player Story Mode.

“Spectacular in every way. With Stewart’s experience within the video gaming industry I am sure this is going to be a great game and amazing interactive experience.”    

Lawrence Siegel  Former President Atari,  COO THQ,

Managing Director European Operations SEGA

“Legends of Enchanted is shaping up to be an AAA game. It’s my type of game and I am looking forward to spending many happy hours playing it. With Stewart and Deborah’s experience in delivering great games I am sure it will be exceptional.”      

Tony Bickley  European Development Director, Konami, Silent Hill, Castlemania, Metal Gear Solid. Former European Development Director, Interplay, Baldur’s Gate, Earthworm Jim, Heart of Darkness 

Stewart Bell  has been involved with computer games for most of his working life. He found himself in games when Sid Meyer and Wild Bill Stealy asked him to set up Microprose in Europe. Microprose started off in his back bedroom and grew to publish some of the best known names in video games, including Sid Myer’s Civilization, Railroad Tycoon, Grand Prix, Silent Service, F15, Gunship and of course Elite Gold. 

Stewart also worked with Richard Garriott on the Ultima Series from 1 to five and Chris Roberts on Times of Lore. Stewart has now helped to setup Enchanted Software to bring him back to the heart of game making. Having worked in many other parts of the gaming industry he always missed being involved in development and bringing games to life. He wants to to make Legends of Enchantment the next best fantasy game inspired by these original amazing games and ensuring that gameplay comes first.