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Legends of Ellaria


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Larkon Studio Presents: Legends of Ellaria – a new FPS/RTS/RPG & Sandbox game coming to Steam Early Access on 7/28/17.

Steam Page:

Legends of Ellaria is set in a very interactive and open non-linear world where you can explore a vast landscape and take on quests for the kingdom you lead. At the same time, you will command large armies into battle, and even assign soldiers to do the cave/dungeon running for you from the comfort of your own throne. You will need to focus on your economy and resources as well as managing and growing cities to carve out your empire from the ground up.

Switch in between First-Person and RTS modes in real time with a single button, bringing complex battle strategies into play. Go out and fight some of the many creatures and dangers lurking in Ellaria, or simply give the order to wipe them out with your army. You will have to decide in real time when to fight alongside your soldiers and when to stay back and strategize.
In a world that reacts to you as an enemy or ally, rule your kingdom through the decisions you make. But beware, in a dangerous world of diplomacy, war, and espionage, decisions certainly have consequences.

After plenty of work and refinement, Larkon Studio is proud to present a new FPS/RTS/RPG & Sandbox Game – Legends of Ellaria.

Legends of Ellaria has been crowdfunded to the tune of $36,000+ from 952 dedicated backers, and after being greenlit on Steam is now set for Steam Early Access release on July 28th this year. Players have asked for many major features, and Larkon Studio continues to deliver.

Legends of Ellaria is a refreshing concept allowing for both First-Person and Real-Time Strategy players alike to experience its intricate and malleable world in their own way, revolutionizing how strategy and adventure are meant to be played.

Meet The Team!

Founded in 2012, Larkon Studio is a video game and application development company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Our specialty is cross-platform application development from the ground up, from mobile games & apps to PC games & software using Unity 3D, C#, Asp.NET. Over the past six years, Larkon Studio has developed over ten projects successfully as an outsourced studio, and on 2017 it has launched ‘Legends of Ellaria’ on Steam Early Access. Larkon studio is run by Adrian Tache and Arik Helman, each with 16 years of experience in software development

Larkon Studio – Overview

Legends of Ellaria is a First-Person/Real-Time Strategy, Adventure, and Role Playing Sandbox Game where you can build your own kingdom, fight epic battles and explore an immersive fantasy world, all set in a universe where an ancient civilization established portals between worlds.

Legends of Ellaria is a First-Person/Real-Time Strategy Adventure and Role Playing Sandbox game where you can build your own kingdom, fight epic battles and explore an immersive fantasy world. Command your armies, then lead them from the front lines, all set in a universe where an ancient civilization established portals between worlds.
Your first task is to escape from your dying world to Ellaria, and rebuild your kingdom. Your task will not be easy, as old enemies have followed you, and strange beasts populate this new world. Your greatest threat, however, comes from an entirely different world…

Main Game Features:

  • Swap between real-time strategy and first person modes at any time.
  • Recruit, lead, and command your armies.
  • Construct cities building by building in multiple regions.
  • Rule your kingdom’s economy, research upgrades for your cities, armies, and your own skills.
  • Interact with other civilizations and kingdoms through personal dialogues and diplomacy.
  • Control your character in the first person, including his/her skills and abilities
  • Control other characters in your kingdom through First-Person, including your heroes and your soldiers.

This Early Access version will include the following features:

  • Third-Person character control
  • Third-Person combat mode with various melee weapons, bow, and magic
  • Inventory system
  • Army management in RTS and Third-Person modes
  • Construction In RTS
  • Dialogue menu
  • Quests
  • Many dungeons to explore
  • Main Story – Chapter 1

Next Updates will include:

  • World and regional maps.
  • Kingdom management
  • Espionage, diplomacy, and other kingdoms
  • More main story chapters
  • More maps
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    Dec 16, 2017 @ 19:21 pm

    Legends of Ellaria players,
    We’re proud to release our first major update, which will be divided into 3 parts to be able to bring you several major features that the game currently does not have included.

    You will now be able to enjoy:

    1. Character Customization: You can now choose between male and female characters, and customize them to match your preferred taste. This is a first version to it and will get improved in further updates as we move forward in Early Access.
    2. There is now NPC variety, so your population now has sort of a true personality where almost everyone is it’s own person.
    3. You can now loot bodies to find wearable clothes for aesthetic purposes.
    4. There is now more weapon variety, with dual handed weapons, one handed spears, and shields.
    5. There is more armor variety, that along with the weapon vary your stats accordingly.

    On top of these features, the following fixes have been made:

    1. Fixed camera-spinning when playing with joysticks
    2. Fixed Blacksmith interaction where he wasn’t talking
    3. Misc. game engine fixes for optimization

    We will be having a major update celebration discount until the 22nd of December as well!
    Please know that there will still be bugs, glitches, and many more fixes to come in Early Access, if you encounter one, please send us your feedback through a Steam review, we are consistently updating and learning from our players to improve your experience.

    See you in Ellaria,

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    Dec 22, 2017 @ 14:37 pm

    Major update: Part 2 – RPG stats and kingdom info UI

    Legends of Ellaria Players,

    Part 2 of our first major update is arriving sooner than expected, with tons of fixes (thanks to your feedback and bug reporting).

    In this update, you will now have:

    • RPG stats and kingdom info UI
    • More RTS info on the features of each building
    • Added Character name to dialogues

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed some spell bugs
    • Fixed player being thrown in the air after killing an enemy
    • Fixed dropped items getting stuck in midair
    • Fixed gender-based dialogue issues
    • Fixed Ancients device in air on “Elixir of Dexterity” quest
    • Fixed Tutorial enemy being too strong
    • Fixed some enemies that couldn’t equip some weapons
    • Fixed the Torch in your back sometimes being on holster
    • Fixed lost patrol bodies not appearing.

    Thank you to all that have left reviews, comments, messages, and feedback, it is helping us improve greatly to bring you fixes and features quickly.

    As always, if you have tried the new update, let us know your thoughts through a review system, it really helps us move quickly to bring you fixes and new features.

    See you in Ellaria,

    Larkon Studio

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    Dec 25, 2017 @ 14:56 pm

    Major update part 3 – Christmas version – Merry Christmas!

    Legends of Ellaria players,

    we’re excited to release a special Christmas update with some bonus content for you to discover.

    This version includes:

    1. Models and clothes graphics improvements
    2. The bow has a quiver.
    3. Bonus content which will be available during Christmas

    The following fixes have taken place:

    1. Fixed lost patrol clues and soldiers
    2. Fixed eternal fire finishing the quest – indicates to talk to the barracks captain and not to the advisor
    3. Barracks captain doesn’t disappear or moves anymore
    4. Fixed Frost ray animation
    5. Player doesn’t enter combat after item interaction
    6. Goblins stay away from Riverside

    We want to take the opportunity to let you know that we will be working on some of the major features you’ve asked us for, so we will publish a major update in the following weeks.

    see you in Ellaria,

    Larkon Studio

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    Mar 10, 2018 @ 19:59 pm

    The second major update for Legends of Ellaria is here!

    After many suggestions, feedback, reviews, private messages, emails, dev talks, and beta testing, we decided to prioritize on the critical issues many of you were having.
    You will now be able to enjoy:
    Overhauled graphics and effects, including better texture display, lighting, shadows and colors.
    Reduced initial RAM usage by over 50%. The game should now load faster and use less memory overall.
    Outdoor objects now getting wet when it rains.
    A second floor to the player’s home, which includes more chests and props.
    A “sleep” feature for your king, accessible through the player’s home.
    A more challenging melee combat system.
    Smarter civilian NPCs that now use roads whenever possible.
    Player walks faster.
    Soldiers following you into dungeons when they are in follow state; Otherwise, they will perform the command you have given them.
    As well as the following fixes:
    Fixed the Barracks door for old saves
    Fixed the Blacksmith door for old saves
    Fixed some fog and tree issues for the dark forest
    Fixed some pathfinding issues for the civilians and soldiers
    Fixed civilian animations in certain places
    Enemies don’t get knocked through walls anymore
    Fixed an issue where civilians had more than one tool in their hands
    Fixed an issue where civilians were walking irregularly while carrying wood
    Fixed an issue where civilians did work and construction misplacements