Know Your Curator

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Know Your Curator.

Edit: 1.6.2018

Five months I started a curator group and to date I have influenced, in 132 reviews,  6,444 gamers to purchase Indie game titles.  99% of these games I purchased myself and played over 4-5 hours+.  I’m always active on the forums of all the games I curate to make sure they understand the game by answering their questions, and I comment to the reviewers who gave you a good review because I think that’s just as important.

I am pretty proud of my work.  I want to thank my followers who support me by following my group, and I’m always fair on my reviews.   There is no way you can fully know a game in less than an hour of gameplay.   I’ve rejected keys, not because I didn’t want to promote them, but because I felt the game would not benefit from my followers because most of them play the same genres as I do.

I would recommend when developers give out press keys to research the reviewers.  How many games do they have in their library, how many hours did they play the game, and how did they review the game. How many episodes they posted to your forums, and did the leave comments to your community by answering questions from other gamers who just purchased your game.  I know Its a bit of research but you want to make sure you get the best odds of finding the reviewer that both supports your genre of your game, and spends a lot of time covering your game.   There are a lot of content providers on twitch, YouTube, and mixer that will give your game both good coverage but also support you on the forums, and not just a review.

Also if you have a game in development feel free to reach out to me so I can get in touch with you by email and get a press kit and get your title on the page before it hits steam.  I don’t have to wait for your game to come out on steam to promote you here on the site.  I can also  recommend some fantastic people out there that will do 40+ episodes on your title and get involved on the forums just like I do.  You can reach me on the contact page.

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