Knight Guy

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Knight Guy

A Game for New Players and Retro Arcade Game Lovers Alike
In a world where all the knights have been transformed into horrible monsters, you must heed the call, don your armor and become the Knight Guy.

It is up to you to free the knights, save the princess and defeat the demon lord that cursed your kingdom.

Knight Guy is a retro style arcade game made lovingly with pixel art, by a father who balances family, work, and school with his passion for making games.

Knight Guy is about more than just saving the kingdom. I originally started the project to show my daughter that you should never stop pursuing your dreams.

When I was young I wanted to be a game designer but I gave that up to go to work and support my young family, now that my daughter is older I want to give her something to be proud of and teach her to never give up. Knight Guy will make older gamers remember the good old days and brings younger gamers into a classic style of mobile game that marries what is good with today’s tech with what made games the things we love today.

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