Khorion – Dark Space

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The Journey Starts!

Hey folks,

Welcome to Khorion – Dark Space

Finally after about one and a half years I feel comfortable to go public with what I have right now.

Since the start a lot changed from the original concept. I started with a sci-fi platformer which pretty fast turned out not to be the game I wanna make, but I wanted to stay with sci-fi. So I started all over and came up with something more story driven and strategic in gameplay already way closer to where we are now.

After months I stumbled again over FTL and felt like the general concept is quite nice and gives me the opportunity to tell stories, create an interesting world and last but not least incorporate strategic gameplay which heavily focuses on you taking risks and encountering strong enemies.

Everything set up in 3D with realistic even though quite stylized graphics, because I feel these vibrant scenes are quite nice to look at.

But I do not want to create a false impression, since the game will use static cameras, even though it is in 3D and you won’t fly around or anything it is more maneuvering with the UI, picking your system, actions in an event and giving commands in a battle, which will be active-turn based. Just as I put it as the key feature – Modern meets Retro, it is a bit slower.

With this concept I felt people would enjoy playing this, even though there will be moments of frustration which I think is inevitable, since it is a sort of survival hardcore strategy game after.

There will also be lots of things to learn about the world, tinkering with game mechanics and just having a tough time making it through the actual game.

It should feel like you achieved something in the end, without making it too unfair. And if you do, you certainly also can expect some rewards.

Khorion - Dark Space


My goal was on one hand to make it sort of easy to get a grasp on the actual basics of how the game works without being overwhelmed by all of its values and items but also even after spending hours there will still be new things to explore and optimize in your gameplay.

So be prepared, it will probably need a couple of attempts to survive this world.

So people might wonder why exactly I went live now. I felt like visually the game is now on a level worth showing off and getting first feedback.  And since I am planning to release the game this year, I guess it’s about time.

So what can you guys expect from this blog. Since I am working alone I cannot promise regular dates when I do post, so roughly every other week. Moreover I always want to show and talk about something interesting so every post will involve a bit more work. So when there is a new one – what is to be expected is a talk about key features, overall new features or things I am working on at the moment,  presentation of some ships – only “some” I don’t want to spoil to much :P, maybe even some fun stuff like things that turned out unexpected and last but not least every now and then Iam going to make a Q&A, so feel free to ask questions and leave a comment down below.

So if I got your attention feel free to check out the website and follow the journey of Khorion on Facebook or Twitter.



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