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Out now: The fanciness update!

Even more shiny graphics and punchier audio to pleasure your senses!


Enigmatic Color Theory

KaraCube is a puzzle game where you don’t engage with numbers or shapes but with the as basic as challenging concept of reception: Colors and how they interact.

You change the elementary color of cubes by simply touching them. Combined with other cubes they mix the color of light rays.

Your goal is to make the color of the light rays match the color of all collector domes.

The games comes with 40 levels with ever growing difficulty to play totally free. An In-App- Purchase gives access to a procedural level generator.

Behind the name “abreCat” stands a typical 3 man indie studio where 2 just watch the only one working.

With the only difference the lazy ones aren’t the black sheeps but the black cats of the studio.

abreCat is therefore an alteration from“ ab-react” and giving tribute to the Felidae employees.

First reviews of Karacube praise the deep complexity the seemingly easy logic puzzles.

Players have to develop genuinely new strategies to solve never experienced before mind challenges.

On Android and iOS the effort is rewarded with an in-depth achievement system.

KaraCube is unusual well designed for a mobile indie puzzle game, bringing the usage of light and sound effects to a new level in the genre.

From the user interface to the sparkle of a glitter, everything feels completely rounded. The sophisticated resource friendly design allows the Karacube experience even on older smart phone devices.

The Name “KaraCube” originates from the Japanese “kara” for “blank” as an homage to the japanese masters of logical puzzle games such as “Sudoku” or “Yakazee”.

The game was solely created by Frank Pourvoyeur who did the game design, programming as well as the graphics. He grew up on the Tyrolian landside and now lives in Vienna, Austria.

KaraCube is currently available on all mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows) and Windows Desktop. A port to Mac and Linux is in the work.

Web: Mail: Twitter: @abrecat