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Indienomicon events feature games created by indie developers local to the Central Florida area.

Indienomicon is a community banded together and on a mission to bring awareness to the excitement, culture, and incredible talent of the indie developers of Central Florida.

Our growing community includes professional game developers, students, hobbyists, and those who just enjoy playing video games.

Our meetups are family-friendly and lots of fun!

We hold meetups, every first Thursday of the month, to gather and see new games being created.

These meetups are free to attend and open to the public. So, bring your friends and family!

Each year, we also sponsor an expo to give you the opportunity to connect with lots of talented game enthusiasts, all in one place.

Check out this month’s games!

Offical Web Site:

The website features a trailer video, a description of the game and the developers, and information on where to get the game.

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Trial of the Gods

Tales of the Mahabharata

Celestial Harmony


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