Godly Corp

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Godly Corp


Godly Corp is an over-the-top simulator where you play as intern god in corporation.

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Use your tentacle arm to perform many unusual office tasks.

Master woobly tentacle physics and try to not destroy all life on the planets that you take care of.

Every day brings completely new challenge.

Expect everything including chainsaw robots, bug infestation, space trips and more.


Godly Corp was created for game jam called Ludum Dare. Game was made from scratch (except audio) in 48 hours based on “A Small World” theme.

Lots of people had fun playing Godly Corp, they mostly praised the humor of the game and unique game mechanics.

After getting great scores on Ludum Dare page, we decided to expand this project as there was a lot of potential in it.


Woobly tentacle physics guarantee tons of random and hilarious situations. Master those tentacle controls and create a lot of happy, little accidents on the way.
Every day in the office brings a completely new challenge. There is no time to get bored as every level will surprise you.

On Monday you will be fighting bug infestation, Tuesdays are usually the days when someone tries to rob us, Wednesday might be the casual day.
Hidden Easter eggs and pop culture references in every level. There is a lot to enjoy in every level if you are well versed in meme culture.
Campaign level where you complete your daily assignments that increase in difficulty.

Endless mode when you try to survive as long as it is possible in space office environment.
Evaluation after every honest day of work! Compare your scores with players and other people on high score table.


Developer: TR8 Torus Studios
Release Date: 7 May 2018
Platforms: Steam,, Gamejolt
Regular Price: USD 7.99 EUR 7.99 GBP 5.79

Selected Articles
“Apparently, there’s a lot you can do with a desk, a globe, and a tentacle”
– Lucia Taylor, Cliqist
“The game is packed with many funny references. Some of them are straightforward and some are a little hidden.”
– Luis ‘Jazzking2001’ Holguin-Veras (interview), Neocrisis

Monetization Permission
TR8 Torus Studios allows for the contents of Godly Corp to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Godly Corp is legally & explicitly allowed by TR8 Torus Studios.

About TR8 Torus Studios

Welcome to the press kit for TR8 Torus Studios. It provides you all the information available about the games we published or work on. TR8 Torus Studios is a rising independent developer that currently is developing Godly Corp and Skye Sea. We use experienced collected through many game jams and smaller modding / game projects.
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