Geeks by the Creek

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Geeks By The Creek:

My channel is Geeks by the Creek! And my focus has been on indie devs.

I interview and try to promote indie games and game devs… so far mainly on my YouTube channel.

I have  more interviews going up and I’ll be at Midwest Gaming Classic following up on the progress of some of those games.

Just starting out and hoping for a fun and productive year!



Good day my beautiful nerd nation!! Welcome to Geeks by the Creek!

Starting in November, I’ll be inviting you all along for everything from gaming fun and streaming, to retro gaming, unboxing, interviews, reviews, con coverage and all around nerdy fun, to slice of life adventures including piecing, my first tattoo, my adventures in indie filmmaking and so much more.

So smash that subscribe button and hit the bell notifications and when the content starts to flow, you’ll be the first to know!

Thank you so much for joining me on my adventures! See you soon! Peace love and Nintendo… Tsusasi

Twitter: @geeksbythecreek