Galactic Crew

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Galactic Crew

Sep 29, 2017
Benjamin Rommel Games
Benjamin Rommel Games


Galactic Crew is a roguelike sci-fi game that takes place in a galaxy far away.

You start the game as a captain of a small spaceship, with only a few crew members and limited resources.

During your journey through outer space, you have to face dangerous encounters like space pirates.

You will need to trade goods and resources to get better ship equipment, and you have to use all of your wisdom and luck to survive in this merciless galaxy.

However, there are also peaceful places on planets for you to explore, like ancient ruins, medieval villages, or alien mining outposts.


Explore a galaxy. When starting a new game, an entire galaxy is generated for you to explore. Asteroid fields can be mined, space stations offer great deals, and solar systems are waiting with a large set of events for you.

  • Space combat. Not everyone in outer space is friendly. Be careful, and make sure that your crew and ship are well-armed.
  • Spaceship customization. You can retrofit your spaceship at any space station. By changing the rooms, weapons, drones and equipment of the spaceship, you can alter its abilities and properties to your needs.
  • Planetary exploration. As soon as you have your own teleporter, you can teleport your crew to planets, and you can board enemy ships. There are different planetary environments for you to explore!

Game customization.

You can unlock more content and game mechanics by getting in-game achievements. Each new option allows you to further customize your next game.

The game is in development

Please note that Galactic Crew is still in development! Content updates are published on a weekly basis with new features, new content and improvement. The development of the game is based on the feedback of the community. Players can vote on regular in-game polls to decide what features they want to have in Galactic Crew. Game reviews and Community Hub discussions are moderated and new features can be requested by any player.


Dear players,

The past Winter Sale was very successful and I would like to welcome all new players to Galactic Crew! As I wrote in the previous patch notes, I started developing the co-op multiplayer for Galactic Crew this week of 2018 and I promised to keep you updated. Today, I want to present you the progress of the first week. Please note, all features and changes listed below will be part of a single massive content update in February.


User interface

The very first step was to create a new view to configure a multiplayer game session. I slightly adjusted the existing game creation view by adding a new button to start a multiplayer game and by adding input boxes for IP address and port number. These information are only required for multiplayer sessions and can be left empty when creating a singleplayer game.

The image below shows the current state of the multiplayer session view. Its design might change until the release of the multiplayer patch! On the left side, you see all players and a list of crew members. You can assign each crew member to any player. On the right side, you can see the ship you will be using on your space adventure. Players can join your game by using a new function Join Game in the main menu or you invite them by using Steam’s game overlay. The displayed player name and their avatar are equal to the ones used in your Steam profile.

TCP/IP Layer
The TCP/IP network layer which is used for data transfer is almost done. You can already join another player’s lobby, exchange game information with him, etc. I will finalize this layer next week.

Other features

The main focus is on co-op multiplayer, but I am also working on other features!

Multiple savegames
So far, there is only a singleplayer mode in Galactic Crew and you can only have a single savegame. With the co-op multiplayer patch in February comes the option to use up to ten different savegames. This way, you can host multiple multiplayer games or test features in different singleplayer games without overwriting or discarding your old game!

What’s next?

My goal for the next week is that hosts can start multiplayer games and all players share the same game information (ship, equipment, rooms, galaxy, money, …). I also want to adjust the user interface so that players can see who controls which crew member and players should be able to vote for space events.