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FLY PUNCH BOOM! is a wild anime fighter with huge destructible levels chock-full of unique stage kills.​

Wanna punch your pals so hard they shoot into the moon’s butt? Wanna digest your enemy, then fart them out so hard everything explodes?

Wanna smash an Elvis lookalike bird into the Earth with such power that the planet splits in two?

Wanna dropkick your best friend so hard they fly around the world and come back, only to be dropkicked again until their head flies off?

Ever got uppercut with such gusto that you got kidnapped by aliens?


FLY PUNCH BOOM! says YES to all this, and more.

It’s everything you’ve seen in your favorite anime fights: fly fast and smash your friends in the face until their expressions go all wonky; make them shoot off into collapsing buildings, krakens, killer cotton candy, or in space. Ram skyscrapers, whales and asteroids into your enemy, then fly towards them before they wake up and unleash over-the-top super moves.

It’s all about the joy of punching.


The idea for the game revealed itself while watching Kung Fu Panda 3.

As anime teaches us, the power of fighting moves is shown in the effects on the face of the receiver, and in the destruction of the environment.

Not enough games have fun with that, so Jollypunch Games has been hard at work on it since the first half of 2016.


  • Destructible stages where everything is a trap, and everything is a weapon!
  • Anime fights with flying smashes, deformed faces and ridiculous special moves
  • 40+ Stage fatalities: get mauled by cats, break the planet in half, or explode in the moon’s butt!
  • High impact cartoon graphics that zoom from space to a character’s face
  • Local Multiplayer and Single Player modes: 1v1, 2v2, story, arcade
  • Kickass anime soundtrack by Giorgiost

Jollypunch Games
Based in Morbegno, Italy
Release date: