Fat And Average on Mixer!

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Fat And Average on Mixer!

Hi I’m Fat And Average on Mixer! I’m just a simple English boy who moved to Wales and I want to share what I love. I’m new to the world of streaming but I’ve played for as long as I can remember.

The games you will catch me playing most are –


R6 Siege

Sea Of Thieves

Ori And The Blind Forest

And a lot more…

If you’re expecting elite standard gaming then I’m not for you. If you like rage, bloopers and panic kills then come and watch me play.

My Channel: 

My Twitter: @DaveHughesTweet 

Guys I am trying to raise money and awareness for the amazing people @SpecialEffect.

Please read, retweet, donate (if you can afford to) and let’s get together for a great cause.

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